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  • how do i change the default url that you directed to when you login, go to website from the CP or click the title at the top of the page that says “Blog This!”
    when you click those go to ..and i would like it to go to
    i know to the average surfer those are both the same page ..but google, and other SEs.. ranks and indexes each page separately ..and most web people will bookmark the page they have entered ..some will get the www url and some will get w/o the www ..spliting up external (incoming) links and traffic, which measures popularity and PR…
    for this reason i would like to keep the continuity with what is most common which is an url with the www included..
    ok, next do i put a global “Home” link/button on the comment and permalink pages?
    Thank ya kindly
    ps.. could you also put your comments forms in a fixed tag instead a percentage tag ..everytime i edit in here the box flys out of reach of my scroll bar …lol

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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