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  1. tdmac
    Posted 3 years ago #

    For this site: http://designinreallife.com/

    I'm using:
    Flat Rate (Ground Shipping) via wpsc e-commerce
    Fixed Rage (Local Pickup) via wpsc-simple-shipping

    If I go to my shopping cart checkout page the radio button for "Fixed Rate" (my Local Pickup Option) is activated by default.

    I want to have the radio button for "Flat Rate" to be activated so that people buying in other parts of the country aren't defaulting to my $0.00 shipping for local pickup.

    Been wracking my brain trying to make this fix, and I haven't solved it yet. For all my input types="radio" within my php docs, I've removed "checked". But this hasn't affected this default that I can't seem to locate.

    Also, an acceptable fix would be to have no radios selected by default.

    Any insight? Anyone? Please?
    Thank you!

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