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  • Hi, you can change the color of links (along with a few other items) by going into Appearance->Customize->Colors and modifying the Primary Color section.

    If you want to change the color of just links you can add the following into Appearance->Customize->Additional CSS

    a {
       color: blue;

    thank you for your answer, but I’m write that in style.css and it’s not work, I had to write color: blue!important;
    But I don’t like write important and I want to know what is the original file of this code ?

    Hi, if you input that into Appearance->Customize->Additional CSS does it work? I tried on my local install and it works for me.

    The reason it doesn’t work in the style.css file is because the theme itself outputs code right below where it inserts the link for the style.css file that controls the color for links.

    So without the !important as you mentioned, the modifications to the style.css file don’t get overwritten even if you place the code at the very bottom of the file.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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