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    is use the “CURRENT DATE” Field for my form. It works, but it is using the wrong date format, which i set globally in wordpress.

    I need the (German) Date Format DD/MM/YYYY – this I set in wordpress settings.

    But the form uses MM/DD/YY (09/08/20) but i need (08/09/2020) – this confuses my client.

    Where can i change this in the smart form?

    Thank you in advance

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    Sorry for the delay, i assume you are using a date picker? if so it can be changed directly in the date picker settings. Under the option “Date Format”


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    Hi Edgarrojas.

    thank you for your reply.

    I am not using the date picker. I am using the “Fixed Variables” in the E-Mail template after submitting the form. There is a field “current date” i am pasting into the E-Mail as placeholder variable. There is unfortunately nothing to change or set.

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