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    I need help extending the width of my posts.. how do I change this!! Second time asking and I’ve emailed twice.. please help!

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  • Emailed where? There is no email support on WordPress.ORG or these forums. Unless you include a link to your site, there is no way for anyone to help with CSS issues.

    e-mailed the designer.

    here is my website:

    If you don’t have custom CSS in your theme, you should add that first via a plug-in such as Custom CSS Manager – or if you have JetPack, it’s part of JetPack under Edit CSS.

    Once that’s set up, try adding this to the CSS:

    .single #primary, .page #primary, .search-no-results #primary, .error404 #primary {
        width: 800px;

    Change the width to whatever seems good to you. Make sure to clear any site and browser caches after making changes if they are not showing up right away.

    Hi there

    Thank you – this worked in increasing the margin, however if you take a look at my page… the content is still within a smaller frame – how do I get the content to extend within a larger width as well?

    Oh and my other question is – this works for my Pages but it doesnt’ work on my posts – my posts are still the same width.

    and now the pages content doesn’t look centred or fill the page..

    sorry I know I have many questions, but I really appreciate your help 🙂

    CSS is kind of tricky, especially since I’m not very familiar with that theme, but see if adding this helps:

    .single .hentry, .error404 .hentry, .page .hentry, .search-no-results .no-results {
        padding: 70px 0px;
        width: 900px;

    I don’t see a blog/posts page – so I can’t easily address that CSS – can you link to one?

    This worked! Wow thank you so much, you are fantastic, really and truly, my gratitude is beyond words, this code stuff is so tricky and was driving my bizzonkers.

    Here’s a link to one of my pages:

    you’ll notice its a bit off center… but the margins look wide enough to me for the posts, so my real issue is making it look balanced like the pages do. .

    See if this does it:

    .single #primary, .page #primary, .search-no-results #primary, .error404 #primary {
        width: 900px;

    This is perfect.

    THANK YOU!!! so so appreciated WPyogi.

    Hi there –

    had another question.

    How can I move up the title of my pages and posts (decrease the padding above the title?)


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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