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    Thanks for a very clean and good-looking theme.
    I am using a Child theme and am trying to change the content width as I’d prefer to have the text in a smaller frame.
    I have tried creating and uploading a new page template (in the Child theme) but that template is not showing. I have reactivated the theme and the Child theme as well.
    Alternatively, can you please suggest another way I can decrease the content width?


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  • Have you tried editing the CSS file for your child theme[1]?

    Below the @import rule, you can add additional styles. So it might be something like #container{width:500px} where #container is the id of the container you want to make smaller. Firebug[2] or other Developer tools[3] can help with identifying the container name.


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    Bad news and good news….First the bad: Content width cannot be changed because this theme is using the Bootstrap responsive framework which is coded with specific widths. These are set to accommodate viewing devices from mobile phones to large monitors. Resolutions set range from 480 pixels to 1200 pixels (the content part is 1170px). The width could be changed but it would require significant recoding the theme’s Bootstrap css; a job that is not quite easy.

    The good news is that starting with my new theme Encounters, I have incorporated 3 widths, right down to the older standard of 980px, which is probably what you are looking for. The Pro version of Encounters is about to be released, but the free version won’t be available for about 5 weeks (I’m about to submit it to the WordPress team here, but it takes time for the review and approval).

    Thanks for both replies.

    I may have to go for another page template that has columns. I saw Page + Left + Right Columns
    on the demo site so I may try that as an option to achieve a smaller width for the content text.
    Is this template available?

    Thanks 🙂

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    My Preference Pro theme does include one additional page template with the left sidebar column + content + right sidebar column, as will all future theme releases from this point on.

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    I just now remembered there is an offset that is part of the Bootstrap css which lets you shorten the width of the content column, or sidebar columns, but would require overriding some of the theme files to make the change. The only side effect is a wider space between content and the sidebar column in your page, but also, it won’t shorten the overall width of the page container. The inner containers of the content and the sidebar column using an offset class can be done with the Lite or the Pro version of Preference though.

    Thanks. I’ll look into the Bootstrap css, but that would involve changing the Preference theme file and not the child theme. I’m guessing this would be overwritten by any theme updates in future. In any event, as you mention, a future theme release should have the left sidebar column + content + right sidebar column layout so I might just wait for that update.

    Thanks once again for the prompt response and the elegant theme!

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    You can also do overrides by copying anything from the bootstrap.css over into the child theme’s style.css file and make changes. I tried a few things and works well. This will be for both the Lite and Pro versions of Preference.

    As for the 3-column layout, I’m not sure when I will do that, but also have to consider other factors as well. However, starting with my latest theme Encounters, this will be a standard.

    …thank you also for the nice comments about my responses and elegant theme….perhaps a 1000 star rating review? lol 🙂

    I, too, really appreciate your great work on this very pretty theme. I’m also wanting to create a little more white space between edge of page and text content.

    So to create margin space on right and left side of content of full-width page, am I looking for inner container offset class?


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    You could use an offset but if you are wanting to create more padding between the edges and the content, you could check out what the inner most container is where the content is and then modify/add an extra class or style to increase the padding.

    I figured it out. This is the CSS that worked.

    .entry-content, .entry-summary {
    padding: 0 40px 0 40px;

    Having more space would definitely make it easier on the eyes… Where exactly do you place that CSS to have the extra space?

    Is it also possible to have more space between the main content and the side bar (widget area)? Thanks for any suggestions.

    I created a child theme so that I wouldn’t lose my changes when the theme has updates. Short of that, you’d find the place to put the code under Appearances > Editor – in the “style.css” (usually all the way at the bottom of the right sidebar. Then do a search for “.entry-content, .entry-summary” and add the padding you want.

    Thanks, karensh1.

    I did a search and there is no “.entry-content, .entry-summary” anywhere in my style.css. Where should I put it then?

    What about adding space between the main content and the sidebar? I love the design of this theme, but it’s not easy to read with such width and no space to rest the eyes.

    Thanks for any ideas!

    Ok, I added it under “base styles” and it adds space between content and sidebar, but it doesn’t add any margins or padding on pages without the sidebar.

    What would be the css wording for that? Thanks!

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