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    The comments show up as a light gray color on white background on my website, I want to make the color darker. I have seen various posts that say where to insert the new color, but I can’t find that same code in my stylesheet. In the stylesheet I have found a comments section, and also a content section; not even sure which of these the code I need to change would be found.

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  • When I say I want to make the color darker, I mean the color of the font. I’d like to change it from the light gray to a purple, perhaps.

    You should only be making changes to the jetpack custom CSS file – make sure that you are not changing any theme files — as they will be deleted when WP is updated.

    So to change the grey – add this and change to the color you want:

    #social * {
      color: XXXXXX;

    Ok so where do I find the jetpack custom CSS file? I’m sorry, I’m really new at this. I very much appreciate your help!

    No problem – that’s why we are here :). Under Appearances there should be “Edit CSS” – that’s what you want.

    Ok I found that page, so now I only type in exactly what you wrote above, and change the color to CC33FF?

    Do I delete the stuff that’s already written there?

    What’s there? (Probably not)

    “Welcome to Custom CSS!

    CSS is a king of code…”
    and it goes on

    Oh, that’s okay to leave there – as you can see it’s inside “comment” tags — these things:

    /* .... */

    Those “hide” whatever is written inside from being processed – so you can make comments without messing up the actual CSS code.

    Ok so I copy and paste exactly what you wrote and put it right underneath that and that’s it?

    Should be – try it and see :). If not, we’ll track down why not.

    I tried exactly that and the comments on my page are still a light grey.

    Ah, it looks like you forgot the hashtag before the numbers – try

    OH MY GOSH!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You have no idea what a help you were. Problem solved!!!

    LOL – you’re welcome. And now you are set for any other CSS changes you want to make. Another really great CSS “secret” is Firebug — an addon for Firefox that makes CSS work a lot easier – check out their site and try using it.

    Ok will do. Thanks again!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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