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  • Hello everybody 😀

    I’m a WordPress newbie and I’d like to change the comment order, though I’m not trying to reverse it.

    This is my issue: my WP blog has many comments a day on a single article, and it’s much confusing for me to reply to any single comment after many others have been posted. For example:

    Commenter1: This is a test comment. Please reply.
    Commenter2: This is another test comment. Please reply.

    In a “standard” way, I would answer:

    Me: @Commenter1: OK, I’m replying to commenter1.
    Me: @Commenter2: OK, I’m replying to commenter2.

    And the comments would be written in the following order: 1) Commenter1, 2) Commenter2, 3) Me, 4) Me.

    I just want my reply -when I reply to someone- to be put in the middle and not after, i.e. after the comment and not after many other replies, though making it simple for commenters to “find” my reply and to make things more ordinate.

    This is what I mean when I say “change comment order” 😀

    In other words, change the comment order as I want.

    Thanks in advance!!!


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