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    -Try using Firefox with the Firebug add-on for this kind of CSS work.

    If i can edit the CSS style sheet in wordpress, why would i use firebug? Is there a line of script I can input to simply change the background color of the comment window using the wordpress style.css?

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    Firebug is just an easier way to debug CSS issues, than fishing out styles in the stylesheet. It’s not meant for saving changes.

    Still, changes shouldn’t be made directly to the theme’s files. I’d advise to download (and install) the Jetpack plugin and use its Custom CSS section of the dashboard to hold your CSS modifications.

    Alternatively, use a Child Theme environment to hold your modifications.

    Alright, im completely new to CSS. Ive already made a few custom changes (dropdown menu font changes) and whatnot but those were mostly by luck. I realize these will be lost if I ever update the theme, im just looking for the code to change it. This is causing a huge headache and all our comments are appearing as white on white

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    The quick-fix would be to add this CSS;

    .comment p {
    color: black !important;

    THANK YOU! You are a lifesaver! thats exactly what i was looking for

    What is the code to change the comment background. This changes the font color. Sorry, I’m still learning CSS. 🙁

    Normal state: .commentlist li.comment { background: #abcdef; }
    Hover state: .commentlist li.comment:hover { background: #fedcba; }

    where does this code go in the css?

    Headaches abound!!! Thanks!

    I’m in my style sheet, but I just can’t get the text color to black… the rest of my blog is white text on black, but the comments section is white bg. Either way will work, either change the text to black, or leave it and change the bg to black…. sorry, i just don’t really understand how? any help is appreciated!

    You can paste those in the theme’s Custom CSS field.

    Remember to change the colour codes to the values you want to use.

    Hi jq224,

    have you found out how to do this?
    would you please let me know?

    strugling with it on this website:
    commentfields under articles as well as contactform gives me a hard time. White text on white background…

    Custom css doesn´t seem to work… 🙁

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    @maaikewp, if you need further support then you should create your own thread:

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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