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    I would like to change the pink “lines” in the design to an orange that matches my logo. I went into style.css and changed the hexadecimal codes for pink to the ones I wanted. When I reloaded the page, the only change was that the “lines” disappeared altogether!

    I was able to change the “line” at the top of the page, but only because I edited the image file used.

    What am I missing?

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  • Can you post a sample (one line of code) of the original code you are modifying and the new code you are replacing it with?

    I solved my problem. I skipped over a few items in bootstrap and they were using three very similar shades of pink; I was only searching for and replacing one of them. Doesn’t really explain why things disappeared, but I’ve got it sorted now. Thanks for your time, iopsychguy.

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    thanks for using our theme! Feel free to ask any questions)

    dcardona: Where did you find the style.css and change the hexadecimal codes along with all the other adjustments you made? … Your page looks really good

    First, before making any changes, be sure to create and activate a child theme. The WordPress Codex has a great tutorial:

    The stye.css can be accessed through the Appearance Editor. I had to go through my host to locate the bootstrap directory and file.

    I didn’t keep note of the pink hexadecimal values, you’ll just have to look for them. Also, in the bootstrap.css there were a few lines of code with RGB values, so don’t forget to edit that as well.

    P.S. I used a background plug in to change the full-sized background.

    Very cool. Thank you.

    how do i change the author bio images? i’d lik eto instagram and a youtube link instead of google, linkedin and rss



    I cant even find the pink colour in the CSS… Does anyone know what the pinky red colour used as default (and how to easily change it)?

    I would suggest using Firebug (a Firefox plugin) to identify the CSS code you are looking for. I could be mistaken, but if it isn’t located under your style sheet, then try Bootstrap.css. Color is #FF5B5B

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me change the color and size of the site description? I keep searching forums but have been unsuccessful. I have a Simple Custom CSS plugin that I’ve been using.

    Thank you!



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    @esensky – this thread is already marked resolved, so not a good place to ask a new question. Please start your own and include a link to your site for help with CSS.

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