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  • I was using the Textbook theme on a account, and recently switched to a hosted through bluehost. On the .com site I was able to change the color scheme, but I’m not seeing a way to do that on the bluehost hosted site. Am I just missing it or is that not an option?

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  • Howdy chelseamarie14 –

    I’ve taken a quick look at TextBook using the WordPress installation and TextBook using

    You are correct. The Colors and Backgrounds section of the Customizer where the entire theme palette can be edited on is not available using TextBook with

    On you are only able to edit the header color in the Customizer. Is this what you are seeing as well?

    I’m going to follow up with the folks on our Theme team who may know more about why these are different.

    In any case, we can probably sort out some CSS customization to change the colors in to the desired palette for the .org site.

    The Colors and Backgrounds tab of the customizer is specific to This is why you aren’t able to select a palette using the TextBook theme with the WordPress installation.

    Come back and let me know which colors (hex codes included) you’d like to see on what part of the site (header, titles, background, etc…) and I’ll try to help.

    I’d love to have the option too. After much effort in changing themes, I was disappointed to not be able to do one thing I wanted most –


    We might be able to work out some CSS customization to achieve the desired look. Share more details about the different parts of the site and what colors you’d like to see them in. Thanks.

    Thank you, that would be great! I’m not knowledgeable enough to work with CSS on my own. I’d like it to be shades of blue; I’ll figure out the hex codes and get them to you later today. Thanks for your help!

    @lizkarkoski That would be amazing. Half my reason for choosing this theme is because its Automattic. The front page looks awesome. Will the theme be developed further?

    1. I’m an activist dealing with serious matters. I would prefer a darker tone to the colouring. It wouldn’t have to change too much but the cheerful category boxes are too much. Shades of grey and white plus grey, black etc would help. And to make the background (not the text background) a bit darker would highlight the text box better.

    2. I cannot get the social media links to work appropriately. Note that my facebook and rss remain a chain icon.

    3. On the front page, a medium sized title conflicts too much with the picture. Is it possible to: Make header font slightly smaller, make box slightly longer and make fade 20% less harsh?

    Thank you.

    Okay, here’s what I would like for my site:

    Basically wherever red is used, I’d like Peacock #33A1C9 instead.
    So the menu box/text, the text of the date and “add a comment” at the top of each post, the lines dividing the header on each post, outlining each post/page, and the color of the text and box of previous/next articles at the bottom of the post, and the red lines/text in the leave a reply section at the bottom, all the buttons, dividing lines, and hyperlinked text in my sidebar and footer, any hyperlinked text throughout posts/pages…I think that’s everywhere

    For the first column on the homepage: lake michigan #50A6C2
    Second column: deepskyblue4 #00688B
    Third column: skyblue (SVG) #87CEEB

    Is it possible to assign a color to each category, so that posts in that category have a specific color on the homepage? If so I’ll send some more colors to assign to categories rather than just the columns. If it’s not possible then will these three column colors also be used in the same way that the three standard colors are used throughout the site, such as the blocks of color surrounding the category title to the left of the posts? Or do you need me to specify each place I need these colors changed?

    Thank you!


    Can you grab the hex codes of the colors you’d like to use.

    @chelseamarie14 – I’ll take a look at the theme specifics and let you know what I find.


    This is outside the scope of what we can assist with here. You’d be better off to hire a designer. It looks to be a few hundred lines worth of CSS changes. As an example, there’s 86 instances for just the first color request.

    I think the better option here would be to set up a child theme. With that you can do a search and replaces on the style.css file to replace the original colors with the colors you’ve mentioned.

    Oh okay, makes sense. Thank you! Would it be possible to just have the color of the menu box and text changed then? I feel like the red is very jarring with the header photo I’ve chosen so that would be nice to go ahead and get it changed. Thanks for all your help!

    Surely the easiest solution is to have the colour change options that are already available on Why is different?

    The Colors and Backgrounds option is something that the developers at Automattic (company behind built in to the Customizer. It’s not in the core software.

    It is a little frustrating to feel like there are more options available on the free version, but I understand it’s out of your control.
    Would it be possible to just change the menu box/text on my page to Peacock #33A1C9 ? The red feels very jarring. @lizkarkoski

    This should do it:

    .main-navigation a {
    ul#header-menu {
        border:1px solid #33A1C9;
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