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  • Hi, I use lightword on my site I would like to change the text in my sidebar from the default gray to black, to make the appearance of the sidebar pop a little bit more.

    How do I change the text in the sidebar? Will i need to change individual widgets? Do I need to change color of text on the entire site?

    This may seem like a simple question but a little direction would be nice before i piddle away hrs going about it the wrong way (im a beginner at code).


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  • line 21 of style.css

    a {
        color: #807D7A;

    change that to #000000

    I tried another trick for the sidebar. Transparency.
    I modified the content_middle.png file in order to add transparency in the last 216px of the image (that is to say, the sidebar on the right, not modifying the body).

    Transparency worked BUT:
    I discovered there was a white background behind!

    (…and I wanted transparency to see the website background image!)

    Thus there seems to be an additional white layer behind the whole layout (body+sidebar), over which the different images (content_top.png, content_middle.png, content_bottom.png, etc…) are displayed. Some kind of redundancy certainly (in case a file-path is broken or something).

    The part I’m not sure:
    I went to modify the covering extent of that white area.
    Here is what I found in the single-page-template.css:

    #header{background:transparent url('images/single-page-template/content_top.png') no-repeat;}
    #content{background: #FFF;width:769px;}
    #footer{background:transparent url('images/single-page-template/content_bottom.png') no-repeat;}

    I guess in line #2 I have to reduce the white screen (#FFF) covering from 769px to 553px (769-216 of the sidebar) and only then should I be to see my transparency.

    I didn’t try it yet.
    As anyone done that, is it the correct file to modify and as it worked? (or shall I stop being lazy and test it myself? :P)

    Nevermind, I got it to work!! (though I modified more files than I thought would be necessary ^^)

    >>>Result here!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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