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  • Hi,

    I have to change many groups for various articles.

    I discover that admin is not allowed to uncheck previous selectionned groups for many documents (articles & pages) (plublished documents).

    Duplication into a drafts doesn’t change anything when published the drafts built from an old document will get the groups which can’t be changed (check box disabled)

    What happens ?

    Thanks for an answer.


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  • Plugin Author GM_Alex


    If the check boxes have a [LR] in the title they are locked recursively by an other object, if you hover them you should see an info which files are locking the box recursive.

    Thanks for the answer.
    They have the [LR]

    The problem is that I don’t see at all how it can exist a recursive lock.

    Previously for test (definition of groups) I had checked several groups.
    Later I have modified the structure.
    Now some documents became obsolete (must no more be visible from public or just registered), but they must remain visible to get some elements by admin and authors. For now I don’t found how to uncheck any of old groups.
    Comments gives informations that we can have into the list of groups.

    Sorry but may be I don’t understand well :

    you should see an info which files are locking the box recursive.

    The page has no parent.
    There are (for now) no access defined for categories.
    What can be the links ?

    I don’t see how this page (and the others involved in same problem) can be linked to anything external (objects) which would have defined accesses.

    Just verified : All my current pages make appear when edited no [LR] but when I modify and save them all checked accesses appear disabled and the corresponding [LR] appears.

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    I had never used the feature :

    A page or article inherits of the groups of the categories to which they are attached

    This feature is a interesting mechanism to attach several group to a document and consequently a complex built of rights to read and/or edit by the different users.
    To use efficiently the feature, the complexity induced needs an analyzer tool.
    The logical model is complex and it is easy to lost or be unable to analyze why and how instances inherits (cascading inheritances) :
    – of UAM groups in a first level
    – of user groups rights in second level
    – of elementary rights in third level

    finally what are the rights induced for a particular user.

    The complexity is enhanced when we consider the accesses by menu with a menu accesses tool (plugin like : nav-menu-roles which can allow or forbid access to any document attached to a menu item, note that same document can be accessible by a way while it is forbidden by another. For menu access by categories list this plugins add constraint to defined rights by UAM)

    In my opinion, the description which tells about features :
    – User groups
    – Set separate access for readers and editors
    – Set access by user groups
    – Set access by post categories

    doesn’t explain clearly the mechanism of accesses rights attribution to a document.
    To understand how, from where a document inherit groups we need to check all categories associated.

    Previously I had developed enhancements to UAM and nav_menu-roles to display for particular documents a trace of allocation of the rights.

    I am going to draw a schema based on UML*, the problem which can remain is to be able to represent graphically instances of the schema.

    Best regards

    * because I really hate to not understand some inheritance mechanism and not be able to instance a schema correctly.
    Note : d├ętail of the problem that I found (a very simple case)
    I have an old defined category which defines classification of documents by type, one of these is “welcome texts” and I had checked all… groups, groups which have “read and/or edit only” attributes.
    I recently attached this category to several documents then classified…

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