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  • Plugin Author dallasread


    This is not something supported with the current version. It is on the list of things to do though. We’ll probably accomplish this by having a short code to include on the pages you’d like the chat to appear on.

    Thanks for the speedy reply! So for the moment there’s no PHP file I could fiddle to accomplish this while waiting for a new version? The plugin itself works really well, thanks for that!

    Plugin Author dallasread


    Untested, but you could try changing line 307 on lively-chat-support/chatbox/includes/functions.php to read:

    if (is_page(YOURPAGEID) && $livelychatsupport["online"] != "hidden" && $livelychatsupport["subscriber_email"] != "" && $livelychatsupport["subscriber_name"] != "") {

    Didn’t manage to get it to work, but thanks for the replies anyways! Could it have something to do with the site not using default permalinks?

    Plugin Author dallasread


    I don’t think so.

    I know its silly, but I have to confirm: did you change is_page(YOURPAGEID) to your actual page ID?

    If you want to invite dallas [at] to the WP Admin area, I can have a peek as well.


    Were you able to get the chat to only apear on the page(s) you want?

    I am interested in this. seems silly for the “Email Me” badge to apear on my contact page that has it’s own form. I think a shortcode would be great.

    Sorry, been a bit busy and forgot to answer. Yes, I changed the page ID 😀
    Didn’t help, the chat just disappeared from the front page.

    Unfortunately I cannot give any 3rd party members access to the admin area, so I just need to either keep it on the front page or figure out how to move it with your help. Or wait till it becomes a proper feature. It’s not critical, but I do appreciate the help.

    Plugin Author dallasread


    Maybe try this on the same line (307 on lively-chat-support/chatbox/includes/functions.php):

    if (is_front_page() && $livelychatsupport["online"] != "hidden" && $livelychatsupport["subscriber_email"] != "" && $livelychatsupport["subscriber_name"] != "") {

    Sorry for the late, late reply (holidays and all that jazz). Your solution worked, so thanks a bunch! Now the chat is displaying only on the support page and not on the front page.

    Plugin Author dallasread


    Thanks… glad to hear it!

    Dallas, I would like to do more or less exactly what Elukka did. I have a dedicated support page for my clients and only want lively chat to appear there because they need to be logged in (i.e. a paying customer) to receive the support.

    Unfortunately I’m just beginning to learn PHP and wonder if you might explain the process of putting that code into the page I want. That might be too much to ask, but if you can I’d really appreciate it.

    By the way, I explored a whole variety of chat support plugins and, in my opinion, yours is the best. Thank you! Looking forward to that update I read you mention in other threads. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    Plugin Author dallasread


    Thanks derekouellette,

    To put Lively Chat on a specific page, no PHP necessary!

    1. Visit the settings tab.
    2. Scroll to the Chatbox Visibility at the bottom.
    3. Put */contact or */logged-in-area in the box (you’ll need to change it depending on what page you want to have the chat).
    4. Save your settings.


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