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  • Is there any way to change the category that a page gets put under?

    Right now every page gets filed under the default category, but I would like to be able to file them under other categories and then create a list of related pages.

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  • You can change the categories assigned to the posts in Edit tab, when you click Edit for any post. Make sure the category is created in advance under the Categories tab.

    this was my question also, but when you create a page, its not available in the manage posts, only manage pages. and editing a page doesnt give you a category option.

    That’s because the concept of pages doesn’t belong to categories…. What is it you are trying to accomplish?


    I’d like to categorize my pages and then list only the pages in that category. Just as one can do with posts. This way I can keep related pages together.

    If that won’t work, I’ll look at Parent pages for Sub pages.

    lol good point Tg, come to think of it now.

    what I wanted to do was to keep an archive of the posts that I put on pages and thought if it was done by category that might work.

    still trying to iron out the pages process here.

    thanks man.

    my guess is thats what ryan is doing with his “pages” list in the sidebar?

    Thos pages, are in facts pages as they are in 1.5….. The titles given are the name of the pages…. Maybe I still don’t get it…


    TG, forget the fact they are pages. You can do categories with posts and see all posts to a category. No imagine the exact same thing with Pages.

    I write 3 articles on Blogging, and one on wordpress (Blogging 1, Blogging 2, Blogging 3, WordPress 1). The pages show all four pages. What I want is to show the Category of the page.


    I think I am going to have to use the Parent page option to work this right.

    Well I am starting a Technical Blog, and having many users post. I would like to use pages to allow writers to make a “profile.” I do not however want my pages to show up under pages. I would like them to show up under writers. Is there anyway this can be acomplished?

    Easily ~ <?php wp_list_pages(‘title_li=Writers’); ?>

    Yeah, the closest you’re going to get it Page Parents.

    You can created a page, say “My things”. Put some content in it. The next page you create will be called “Saxaphone” and you will assign a “Page Parent” to it. Then this page will show up as an indented page under the “My things” page in the side bar.

    This isn’t the optimal solution for what you want, but you’re using it in a very odd case scenario. You may want to consider making these “pages” into posts and then hard coding your links to point to each archive/category/ page.

    I can’t edit my categories in for posted entries in 1.5. I have numerous student authors who often forget to select a category, so I really need to figure this out. I was able to do this when I first installed, but something went wrong along the way. Thanks.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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