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[Resolved] Change CALENDAR language?!

  • Hi

    I want to keep the english version, cos is better 🙂
    however, I like to change the CALENDAR language ?!

    Changing the “define(‘WPLANG’, ‘to_whatever’);”
    will change the whole DASHBOARD into the new language
    which I do not want to.

    However, I like to change calendar names:

    January, February, March, April => into my language!
    Wonder where the DATE.PHP script or file is located ?!


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  • There isn’t a date.php script to locate. Do you happen to know if your chosen theme is translation-ready?

    the thame name is BROADWAY.
    No the calendar is not translated cos the dates are shown as

    October 8th, 2012

    … how come then, when changing the WordPress
    main language , then it will also change the calendar namings into that particular language ?!

    I didn’t ask if they were translated. I asked if the theme was translation-ready. Where did you download this theme from?

    I didnt download … someone else did, he only asking me for help, but I dont even know where to accomplish that!!

    Because that’s controlled by WordPress core. If you want front-end changes only, you need a translation-ready theme and a suitable translation file.

    see that is what I mean … probably, I need the ENGLISH LANGUAGE .mo files 🙂 change them there and it might work!?

    However, wordpress does not include the folder /languages/ with the english.mo files – any ideas where to get them!?

    What is your site’s url?

    can i PM u !?

    probably, I need the ENGLISH LANGUAGE .mo files

    There aren’t any english.mo files. English is the default for WordPress core. It may also be the default language for your theme but without being able to look at the theme, I couldn’t say for sure.

    can i PM u !?

    I’m sorry but no. There’s no PM system here and I don’t offer free support away from these forums.

    well … issue is, u cant look at the site anyway unless u log into it as an ADMIN *which u cant, sorry*. The site is still in development, hence why I am looking to change the calender naming !!

    Ahhhh there it is 🙂


    #Translating With Poedit


    Oh guess what??

    There is a TWO files within the WordPress:


    **** wp-langs *****

    'months_long' => __('January').','.__('February').','.__('March').','.__('April').','.__('May').','.__('June').','.__('July').','.__('August').','.__('September').','.__('October').','.__('November').','.__('December'),
    			'months_short' => __('Jan_January_abbreviation').','.__('Feb_February_abbreviation').','.__('Mar_March_abbreviation').','.__('Apr_April_abbreviation').','.__('May_May_abbreviation').','.__('Jun_June_abbreviation').','.__('Jul_July_abbreviation').','.__('Aug_August_abbreviation').','.__('Sep_September_abbreviation').','.__('Oct_October_abbreviation').','.__('Nov_November_abbreviation').','.__('Dec_December_abbreviation'),
    			'day_long' => __('Sunday').','.__('Monday').','.__('Tuesday').','.__('Wednesday').','.__('Thursday').','.__('Friday').','.__('Saturday'),
    			'day_short' => __('Sun').','.__('Mon').','.__('Tue').','.__('Wed').','.__('Thu').','.__('Fri').','.__('Sat')

    ** wp-langs-en.php ****


    They are not .mo files and you should never edit them.

    why not ??
    I just tried .. lol but didnt work .. ahh sh!t !!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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