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  • I have breadcrumbs on the blog page. Currently the main/root link (‘home’) is pointing to the root url, the main/homepage. Unfortunately my blog is not the main page of my site. How do I change the ‘home’ (or first link) to point to the blog? See my current code below, any help is appreciated thanks.

    			if (function_exists('show_full_breadcrumb')) show_full_breadcrumb(
    			        'labels' => array(
    			            'local'  => false, // set FALSE to hide
    			            'home'   => __('Our Blog'),
    			            'page'   => __('Page'),
    			            'tag'    => __('Tag'),
    			            'search' => __('Searching for'),
    			            'author' => __('Published by'),
    			            '404'    => __('Error 404 &rsaquo; Page not found')
    			        'separator' => array(
    			            'element' => 'span',
    			            'class'   => 'separator',
    			            'content' => '&rsaquo;'
    			        ), // set FALSE to hide
    			        'local' => array(
    			            'element' => 'span',
    			            'class'   => 'local'
    			        'home' => array(
    			            'showLink'       => true,
    			            'showBreadcrumb' => true
    			        'actual' => array(
    			            'element' => 'span',
    			            'class'   => 'actual'
    			        ), // set FALSE to hide
    			        'quote' => array(
    			            'tag'    => true,
    			            'search' => true
    			        'page_ancestors' => array(
    			            'showLink' => true

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    Is this not possible or does anybody have any ideas for me? I really like this plugin and would hate to have to change to a different method after implementing throughout my whole site. Again, all and any insight is appreciated, thank you!

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