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  • I am stumped. I need my Search Results page (as well as any Archives pages that pop up) to have a different type of background than the Home page. What’s the first step in doing this? I’ve searched everywhere to no avail. I’m still pretty new at WordPress so please keep that in mind.

    My Home page is using style.css, which also carries over to my Search Results and other Archive pages. This means my Home page’s background images are showing in the rest of them! I wish to have my Search and Archive pages without any images on them. Use the search box (just type in ‘virtual’) to see what I mean. Also click on the “Simcoach” link (bottom right) to view the archive page. I’ll appreciate any help. Thank you in advance!

    The site is currently under construction, so I’ve created a user name for those willing to help to view the site. Please respect my website and do not make changes to it other than for troubleshooting my problem.

    To view the site, first log in, use “tester” (without the quotation marks) as ID and password, here:

    You will get a “no permissions” pop up, where you can now go to:

    Please make sure to logout.

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  • WordPress adds some semantic CSS classes to the <BODY> to specifc issues like this. In search results the tag BODY will have the ‘search search-results’ classes. So you can simply create a new CSS rule: { background:…; }


    Thank you for your reply. However, it is not working. I placed the following: { background-image:url(‘’); }

    “None.jpg” is exactly that, no background images. But it still shows the Home page background image (that round-cornered box). Thanks for trying though!

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