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    Hi all,
    on my website, I have a widget on the right hand side that has the html text for a link and stream from Facebook. However, it is using a transparent background and even though I have changed the parameters of “Allowtransparent” from “true” to “false”.

    How then can I change the background coour of the widget itself from purple to white so that the FB widget can be seen a little more clearly? ANyone got any ideas? Is there an editor somewhere for the widget that I can change? I’m using the MixedMedia Red 1.0 theme.
    Help sincerely appreciated.

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  • are you using a plugin which is supporting the widget? or do you have the some code running the widget.

    If you are using a plugin you could edit the plugin files and define the background color for the plugin.

    It looks to like you have the facebook widget inside a text widget the paramaters for which might be defined by your theme. In which case you would want to use your theme editor and edit the CSS (styles.css) file.

    Hope this help. With a it of more information I might be able to help some more. If you have the code the the widget inside a text widget you might want to paste the code here and I (or someone else) might be able to suggest a way to alter it.

    hope that helps.

    i just looked at it again, and it appears to me that the purple background itself is not from the widget itself but would be defined by your theme, or the body you have pasted the code for the widget into.

    Hi MJEG,
    I managed to fix the problem. It just needed the entire “allowtransparent” to be removed.
    Many smiles and thanks for your thoughts, sincerely appreciated.
    Isn’t it a fabulous community when people offer such great help from anywhere in the world within a few minutes? Very inspiring.
    Thanks again,
    Amethyst 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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