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  • Hello There!
    I am having a weird problem. I tried to change the background color and the whole thing get changed.
    The center as well.

    I watched tutorial and I did it exactly. It worked for him to just change the background not the the columns.

    I went to body text and style and changed it under BACKGROUND.
    Any suggestions? Thank you for your time and support!

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  • CSS is very theme and site specific, so the tutorial may not be 100% applicable to your site. Or if you have HTML or CSS errors on your site, that can affect how CSS works as well.

    Thank you for your response.
    I am a newbie and dont quit understand.

    I installed the site and didn’t change any code. I have only customized through their admin.

    Maybe I dont understand what CSS is? what is it?

    Also, is that not how to change the background color?
    Thanks Mary

    CSS (Cascading Styles Sheets) is the part of web code that partly determines the appearance of a website. Theme options can control CSS – like for background color. But if a theme or page is coded not exactly like the one in the tutorial, then the color may not turn out the same.

    Where is this tutorial – was it part of the theme? Or on the developer’s site?

    I was looking for HOW TO CAHNGE THE BACKGROUND COLOR on atahualupa.
    I found someone on Youtube.
    The thing is, he did what I had already tried. I just tried it again.

    Each time I changed in body text and style, background–it changes the whole page, not just the background.

    But I saw him do what I did and he got the desired result. I cant seem to. I have 2 sites with this theme and it is the same for both of them.
    I do have the most updated version. Did it change? Or am I doing it wrong? Thank you for your time!

    dedicated support forum:

    There are mayn places you can change the background. the body isw for teh page, there is a styling for the header ares, the sidebars, the center area, the footer, the post container. If you haven’t set a background color for teh center area, the color from the body will show thru.

    Think of it as a bunch of transparent sheets, the bottom on is the body. Until you change the color of one of the sheets above it, you will see the color of the body.

    Play with all the different theme options and see what they do, it’s the best way to learn.

    I appreciate your response, thank you

    SO what you are saying is –

    if I want my center column white, then I cant change the background color because it will show through?

    I have another site with a different theme and I was able to change the background color and keep my white body and sidebars.

    Is there no way around this?
    Thanks again, Mary

    if I want my center column white, then I cant change the background color because it will show through?

    Reread the last answer. If you set the body to a color and want other items a different color you will need to set those layers to what you want.

    It seems I was unclear in my explaination.

    Atqahualpa has many areas you can set the color. You can set the color for the body and you can set the color for the sidebars. A different color for the footer or the center area etc.

    You need to look thru the theme options to see all the places you can set a colot. For example, you can change teh center area color at ato->Style & edit CENTER COLUMN->Center column style while you can style the post container at ato->Style POSTS & PAGES->POST Container

    play with the options to see what you can do.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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