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    My Book Table sets the background color for the “About the Book” background area to white, text to black, I’d like to make the background black and the text white. the text is easy, but I see no way to change the background color.

    I suspect using html in each individual box would get me a black background, but I’d have to do this every time I add a book.

    Is there a setting or selection tool to change the background color?

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  • Plugin Author zookatron


    Hi @writerspark,

    MyBookTable generally doesn’t have options to change the colors, but it is generally designed to simply use the colors of your theme without overriding them. You will need to override these styles by adding custom CSS to your theme in order to change this. (The one exception to this rule is if you happen to be using the “Landing Page” display mode that is available with the Professional/Developer Upgrades to MyBookTable, since that will completely override your theme styles, but in that case there should be a “Section Colors” option group under the book details editor that you can use to change those colors).

    If you can send me a link to the page you are trying to change the styling for, I can give you some tips as to what CSS selectors you will need to use.


    Hi Zookatron,

    I’ve got a similar question to the one above: Can you provide CSS code (and where to paste it) for changing the background color of the blurb box? I changed the overall color of the web page, but all non-transparent elements like the text box show white…. Page: Thanks so much.


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    Plugin Author zookatron


    Hi @nfillmore,

    You can change the book blurb background with the following CSS rule:

    .mbt-book.mbt-book-single.mbt-display-mode-storefront .mbt-book-blurb,
    .mbt-book.mbt-book-excerpt .mbt-book-blurb {
    	background: <color>;

    The <color> part of the rule needs to replaced with an appropriate HTML color code. You can use a color picker such as the W3 Color Picker to get an appropriate color. It will look like a string of numbers and letters after a hash, for example the color code for red is #ff0000.

    You should place this CSS in your theme’s CSS file, usually this is located at wp-content/themes/<your theme name>/style.css.

    Viola! Thanks!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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