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  1. Ssutcliffe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I want to change the background color on my site. I am using the lifestyle child of the genesis theme. I have read lots. I am not sure what to set the ftp permissions to? am I the owner? Anyway I tried a few things and it still says I need to make the file writable.

  2. Change the permissions of the file to 666 or use an FTP or SFTP client and a plain text editor to edit it externally.

  3. Ssutcliffe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I tried 666. It is read/write only, not execute. I went to my css style page and it then gave me an error message that i did not have permissions in the file.

    I am using filezilla. That is where I changed the permissions to 666.
    I have a new mac so can I use text edit?

    Are you saying that I copy the css style to text edit and then make changes and then copy it into the css style page?


  4. You can use Text Edit, but it's a bit limited feature-wise.

    On a Mac, use Cyberduck for your FTP/SFTP client and Fraise for your plain text editor. Set Fraise as the text editor of choice in Cyberduck's preferences and you'll get a handy "Edit" button in the toolbar with Fraise's icon. Basically, just login to your server via Cyberduck, find the file, click the edit button, make your change, and save it.

  5. Ssutcliffe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Ok thanks

    Now I have all that running. I do not know which file to open and edit for the background color. I opened several and hunted for the color code that was in the css style page on my site. I tried searching for body and background too but there was too many hits.

    There are about 100 files??

  6. Ssutcliffe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey i think I found it. i had to go up one directory. 100 files, it is to laugh. that was just a fraction of it. LOL.

    I'll be back if I have a problem.

    If not thank you so much. I've come a long way. 2 months ago I didn't even know how to use face book. It was ALL greek to me.

  7. Ssutcliffe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    OOPS I changed it and hit save. The message reads style css: "permission denied"

  8. The stylesheet that you'll want to change is named style.css and probably under the theme's directory, so it's probably at:


  9. Ssutcliffe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    It is /wp-content/themes/lifestyle/style.css

    and I found the spot where the color needs to change.

    When I enter the new color # and click save, the message that I get is FTP Error: Upload failed
    style.css: Permission denied.

  10. Make sure that the permissions on the /wp-content/themes/lifestyle/ directory are set to 755 and the style.css file are set to 644. If that doesn't work, try 777 and 666.


  11. Ssutcliffe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    It is set to 755 and 644 respectively. That does not work.

    I can't change the permissions. Could it be that someone else setup the wordpress site and theme for me and are hosting for me? Why can they change the file permissions and I cannot? they think that i should be able to change them myself. It says 'operation not permitted' when I try to change the permission numbers.

  12. You're on the right track. It sounds like the files are not owned by your username. More than likely, you used an automated installer and now WordPress and all of the files that it produces (themes that it installs) are owned by either "apache," "root," or "nobody."

    Contact your hosting provider. They should be able to fix that for you.

  13. Ssutcliffe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have seen an apache directory when I am in the ftp program.

    The person who set it up was able to change the permissions but they put them to 777. so I sent them your last message and the part in the codex about the 777 permission. They were just thinking that I could not figure it out. So it was nice to have something to send them so that they will make the change to give my username ownership of the files.

    BTW I changed the background

    Thanks so much!

  14. You're welcome!

  15. yesdavy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    James, if you are still around and can help on a background color issue, I go to appearance > editor > style.css and change hex colors for backgrounds and nothing changes on the site, even though the dashboard says changes have been updated. Theme is genesis 2. I also cannot figure out how to import a new logo to the header. Thanks!

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