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Change background color?

  • I am trying to change the background color on my site but have had no luck. I searched other questions added to the forum and still wasn’t able to change what I needed. Here is my site:


    I want to change the yellow background but don’t have a spot in my style.css, custom.css or anywhere else that allows me to change the background color. Help!

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  • Go to this location and edit default.css wp-content/themes/bueno/styles/default.css
    The background color can be changed there.Find this line:

    body {
    background-color: #FFFFA4;

    Hi.. Go to theme settings and check the options there you can find or in default.css file..

    Or you can add full background support with two lines of code one in functions.php the other in header.php, the link is for Artisteer but can be applied to any theme.



    HELP! I tried the default.css file which worked, but once I exited out my background went right back to the old color. So, I went to the functions.php and tried to follow the directions from Digital Raindrops comment, and now I get this error message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘?’ in /hermes/bosweb26c/b2800/ipg.crazyforsavingscom/wp-content/themes/bueno/functions.php on line 21

    I can’t access my site or the dashboard to change anything. What do I do?!

    Hi crazyforsavings,
    Do you have ftp if so use this to download your functions.php file and upload it again.

    If not then in your ISP hosting account use the file manager to edit the file, from the WordPress directory /wp-content/themes/{your-theme-name}

    I checked the post and it is correct, in functions.php

    // This theme allows users to set a custom background

    In the file header.php find the body tag and replace with

    <!-- Add Background Support -->
    <body <?php body_class(); ?>>

    From the error message it looks like you added the code in functions.php in the wrong place, I should have said that it needed to be inside the tags.

    Or you added the header.php code into functions.php ?




    I have just downloaded the bueno theme from Woo Themes, and the two lines of code should go here in the functions.php

    /* End WooThemes Functions - You can add custom functions below */
    // This theme allows users to set a custom background

    In the header.php the line already exists:
    <body <?php body_class(); ?>>

    If you need help with this drop me an email, from my website, if this is the correct theme I can guide you through it.

    I would advise going forward to create a local environment for testing changes, where errors can be easy fixed.



    Thanks for the info David. I am not familiar with all the things you are mentioning. I can’t access anything about my website except through ipage (the host I guess?). I have a ticket in with them to help me get it fixed. I will email you though if I still need help!

    Ok, with ipage they should be able to help you setup ftp access, then you can download the functions.php file and edit it!

    If you login to ipage you should have a CP (control panel) see if you can edit the file from there.



    I see the website is back! 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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