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  • Please tell us how to go back to use your previous version.
    When we saw you asked to use a new version 4.8, we clicked, then all of our design we spent about 1 year developing, now all gone. All products are not showing and page become very ugly… our website is disabled now. Please see our site:
    Please help us to get back to the previous version ASAP. Thanks!

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  • there is a fix for it, the error is because you don’t have PHP7. Read this thread, and Romik has a fix file to download at the end, so you don’t have to edit the file.

    there is also a plugin I learned about, called wp-rollback, that works pretty good. But you would have had to have it installed before the update. But this time no worries, because you can fix your issues and get your site back. Next time, try the rollback plugin if don’t back up. (personally, I back up before EVERY theme update, on EVERY site. I’ve already learned the hard way, theme updates, not always without error)

    We don’t think this is the same issue, so we don’t think add fix will work, it may take more time or even cause other issues. We just need get it back to your previous version, so our site can work. Then we will save file or do other things. We have spent too much time for it in a year. Please help!

    how could it possible cause more issues? Geez…just go into your hosting account, do a temporary file rename of the file that’s there, and upload it and see if it fixes. If it doesn’t, THEN come back.

    Thanks for the quick reply. so if I change it to PHP7, it should be fixed? Thanks!

    The WP-Rollback plugin will work – it doesn’t matter if it was installed prior to the upgrade or not.

    The WP-Rollback does not rely on the user database – it simply replaces the theme or plugin files with whatever version the user selects, downloading and installing the appropriate files from the repository. It is doing the same thing as the user downloaded the earlier theme version and manually installed it, except doing it automatically.

    It is a very easy and useful plugin and I have it installed on all my sites.

    But I also think that upgrading to PHP 7, if available, is the best idea. It will avoid problems in the future as more and more developers design for PHP 7 and PHP 7.1

    Well it will tell you if the issue is related to PHP or not…and it certainly won’t HURT anything at all.

    Definitely the best thing to do first, if you have that option. I know I can’t, it’s not available on my server yet, so I did the workaround. But I didn’t really need it, it was working even with PHP5.6 on mine.

    Is PHP 7.0 or 7.1 better? Both are available.
    Could a new PHP affect the web design or function? Do we need make a back-up?

    1. It’s always a good idea to backup before any change, but switching PHP shouldn’t cause problems if you have easy access to change it back again.

    2. There are some differences between PHP 7.0 and 7.1 so in some cases problems will show up on one but not the other.

    3.If it works for you, PHP 7.1 is best because it is the newest stable version so will be better to have long term.

    4. I am currently running PHP 7.1 on all my wordpress sites without a problem. I did see some errors in my logs for some plugins on some sites when I first upgraded, and I notified developers of the errors I saw. They have all fixed whatever problems were indicated. But it is a good idea to monitor your wordpress error logs for a day or so after upgrade.

    5. I did report an error with PHP 7.1 for evolve about 2 months ago — but the developer (romiko) fixed it with an upgrade. No problems since. But there is always the possibility of conflict with another plugin, especially if you have plugins installed that have not been updated recently. I didn’t see any problems that were visible on my sites or that interfered with functions, just occasional “PHP warning” errors.

    Thanks for the info, really appreciated. We have just updated to PHP 7.0, but the issue with evolve 4.8 upgrade is still the same. The good news for PHP upgrade is that I can change back to 5.6 anytime, or change to 7.1.
    How can I change back to old version evolve theme? Thanks!
    Please advise what’s the other solutions.

    Read my post above and use the WP Rollback plugin:

    There is a tutorial you can follow here:

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    If you customize in evolve theme, then after you take update. Update override old theme so you lost your custom work as well.
    If you have any backup then revert with this. Other wise contact hosting provider they will provide you backup of your site.

    Thank you

    Recommend learning to do backups before theme updates in the future also. There are plugins, which you never know if they work well until you need to restore, so I do it the manual way. I download the site files via FTP, and I get the database with a plugin called WP-Migrate which is very reliable. It’s as good as using PHPMyAdmin, except I don’t have to log in to hosting.

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