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  • Can you send a link? I don’t use a widget version, but I can help you, if you’ll show me your page.

    THanks. Here you go:

    Id like the gravatar to be big enough so dashboard, profile and logout are lined up.

    So, now you have 38px and you need size like 80px. You can use just css, but that’s bad for rendering. Here’s your code:

    <img alt="" src="" class="avatar avatar-38 photo" height="38" width="38">

    Size of your avatar is inside this link in middle: “?s=38” If you change this on “?s=80“, your size will change. After it you must replace also height and width="38"with “80“. It’s defined also in classname, so if you want, you can add some styling in here.

    What is this plugin you use for sidebar?

    And very nice site, by the way.

    Thanks for the info. The widgets Im using are called “Social Login” and “Sidebar Login”. Actually I guess it’s not just a Gravatar issue. It would be the same for someone who logs in and doesnt use Gravatar. Also, Im not exactly sure which file I should edit to make the changes you are talking about.

    In plugins/sidebar-login/includes/class-sidebar-login-widget.php on line 269 is a code:

    echo '<div class="avatar_container">' . get_avatar( $this->user->ID, apply_filters( 'sidebar_login_widget_avatar_size', 38 ) ) . '</div>';

    Here try 38 replace with 80.

    ok thanks. Ill give it a shot when I have my other (bigger) issue sorted out.

    That worked. Thank you.

    You’re welcome!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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