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    Can I change a lazy attr ‘data-lazy-src’ to ‘data-src’?


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    Why do/would you want to do that?

    The Rocket Lazy Load plugin adds the ‘data-lazy-…’ attributes for its own purposes…

    It copies the regular attributes automatically. You shouldn’t mess with ‘data-lazy-…’.

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    This is necessary for the search robot Yandex to scan lazy images. Google with lazy images works fine, but Yandex only looks at 2 attributes: “data-src” or “data-content”.



    Well, that’s interesting – but if you put the original attributes back, then haven’t you just made the image “un-lazy” again?

    Obviously it would be better if Yandex evolved to do what Google does to properly understand lazy-loaded images… But I guess that is a wish out of our control.

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    The lazyload script has an automatic detection for search engines bots. When one is detected, all images are loaded normally via the real src attribute.

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    @wp_media thank you!

    Yes, very helpful to know – thanks!

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