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Change archives from list to drop down Cutline Theme

  • I’ve searched both Cutline forum and WP forum and haven’t found the answer to my simple problem of changing the archives list to a dropdown menu with Cutline 3 Column Right Theme without editing the code, if possible. Cutline has a handy tutorial http://cutline.tubetorial.com/creating-archives-and-about-pages/ on CREATING archive pages, which I thought I might be able to somehow do in reverse, but the labels in the steps don’t even exist in my Dashboard. For example, after I clicked the Update Options button, the next step #5 is: “In order to ensure that your new Archives page gets published properly, you’ll need to click on the Manage link in the main navigation menu.” I don’t have anything called a main navigation menu in my dashboard. I tried assuming this referred to various dashboard items, but under none of them can be found a “Manage link” to click on. The rest of the directions are even more nonsensical. I don’t have any pages called archives, yet my archives have been working for over a year perfectly fine.

    In Widgets, no widgets are showing in the two sidebars at all, even though my live home page shows a good number of them. I can’t drag widgets out of the sidebars, or edit widgets when they are not there, but they are THERE.

    I dragged the archives widget from the widget menu down into the inactive box. There I could open it and lo and behold it had the checkable box options to “Display as dropdown” and “Show post counts.” Why can’t I get these two options in the widget that is already in the sidebar even though it is not in the dashboard sidebar? How do I get the widget to show up in the sidebar in the dashboard as it clearly is there in the live site?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. My site is http://philiphydephotographycollector.com/

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