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  • This has got my goat. All I want to do is have a page where the user can select from a dropdown and when they change the dropdown it changes the URL that is embedded in the iframe. It should be simple. Since the script is tiny I just included it in the header, even though I only expect to use it on this one page.

    The script is a jquery script that I have stored in the js folder of my theme. It is called selpuz.js The URL is fetchable. Here is the script

    jQuery('#puzsel').change(function() {
       jQuery('#puzframe').attr('src', '' + jQuery('#puzsel :selected').val());

    Note the alert is not firing, so something is wrong and I am just not seeing it.

    The code is embedded in the special template that I made just for this page. It is

    <select id="puzsel"> <option value="choose" selected="selected">Choose a puzzle</option> <option value="Africa">Africa</option> <option value="Australia">Australia</option> <option value="Brazil">Brazil</option> <option value="Canada">Canada</option> <option value="Europe">Europe</option> <option value="Mexico">Mexico</option> <option value="USA">USA</option> <option value="World">World</option> </select> <iframe id="puzframe" src="" width="900" height="700"></iframe>

    I syntax checked the jQuery unless something weird is getting in it.

    The URL of the page I want the iframe in is:


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  • OK well it doesnt seem to work outside of wordpress either, so I guess this is not a wordpress issue. But still if anyone knows.

    OK I failed to surrond the script with document ready. I didn’t think I had to since it is triggered by a change. But oh well. It works now.

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