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    I’ve modified the plugin in the past, and finally updated to the new release/build. I’ve managed to get everything back the way it was, except the album/gallery preview images.

    I have thumbnails set to 250×285, which I’ve used before and it worked, but now the preview images are still being generated at 91×68. So my code is still displaying the 91×68 images, but stretched to 250×285. Which looks awful.

    In the past they were the same size as the thumbnails, however now they seem fixed at 91×68. I’ve looked for a place to change this and have yet to find it.

    Also, while I’m here, I’ve used $gallery->counter in the past to be able to determine if it is an album or a gallery, and have different information show if the album is filled with albums or galleries (view album vs view gallery). That is no longer working. Is there a way to get counter working again, or another way to determine (in the template) if it’s an album or a gallery that is being listed?

    Thanks! Any ideas?

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  • Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone saw this and has any ideas.



    Just want to be sure you double checked that your NextGen Gallery thumbnails setting are correct after uploading the newest version.

    If so, and the settings are as they were before, then I would access your image files via your FTP client. All of your NextGen Gallery images should be in wp-content/gallery/. Make sure that the original thumbnail sizes 250×285 are still there.

    From what you said, I would suspect that for some reason they are no longer there and that is why nextgen is pulling the smaller 91×68 sized images for you gallery thumbnails.

    Hope this at least helps you get on track to fixing your issue.

    Hi Seahawksean,

    Thanks for your help. The thumbnail settings are correct. The galleries display with the proper thumbnails, but on the album page, the “gallery thumbnail” is grabbing the dynamic file and not the thumbnail file for the image select. And the dynamic file is 91×68 and I haven’t found a place to change that setting yet.

    Any ideas where it is getting 91×68 from, and if there is a spot to change it?


    Okay. After spending some time searching the internet and playing around with files inside of nextgen, I found what I needed to change.

    That size (91×68) is hardcoded into wp-content/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/nextgen_basic_album/adapter.nextgen_basic_album_controller.php
    When I change the size there, it all works fine. I feel like that’d be a good thing to have as a changeable option. The 91×68 is for legacy templates, but I had used my own customized templates back then, which used the thumbnail size of 250×285, not the default 91×68.


    Does Photocrati have intentions of making gallery thumb size something you can configure via options or are we stuck with editing the plugin code every update if we want something other than 91×68? Is this an option you get with the paid version?


    Just worked this out. There are 2 ways to solve this, but thanks to a tweet response from @nextgengallery, I discovered that upon configuring the album display, if you select ‘override thumbnail settings’, you’re then allowed to specify height and width of thumbs. Thanks!

    Just ended up having to relook at my solution here after updating the plugin again. I attempted to use the ‘override thumbnail settings’ option, but it never saves the info/option when I click save. When I reload the settings page, it’s set back to “no”.

    So I just edited the hardcoded option in modules/nextgen_basic_album/adapter.nextgen_basic_album_controller.php again.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @idesignco – You might need to use the Reset Option to ensure all the settings are correctly saved into the database (which will require you to go back and then save your custom sizes, etc.)

    Modifying the plugin’s core code will always be over-written with every update so your fix will need to be done every update until the real underlying issue is sorted out.


    – Cais.

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