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    I am currently making a stripped down version of WordPress so that I can let the non-technical people that I work with manage content on the various sites that we run. Some of the feed back I got was that non-savvy folks did not get what the difference was between a post and a page. I just want to change the ‘Write Post’ tab in the admin panel so that it says ‘Front Page’ or something like that. Does anybody know which file this is in? I have been poking around for a while; however, I am still fairly new to WordPress (looking forward to becoming a contributing member to the community) and am not yet familiar with the structure. If someone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

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  • Still have not found a solution… for the same reasons I am also looking to remove the ‘Discussion’ and ‘Post Slug’ drop down menus on the ‘Write Post’ Page. If somebody could just tell me which files to take a look at I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks much.

    Try menu.php in the admin folder.

    I just want to change the ‘Write Post’ tab in the admin panel so that it says ‘Front Page’

    In the wp-admin/ folder… find the edit-form.php file, open, then find this line of code: <h2><?php _e('Write Post'); ?></h2>

    Change to: <h2><?php _e('Front Page'); ?></h2>

    Save it as: edit-form.php then, reupload it to your wp-admin/ folder again..

    As elz said above, in the menu.php file, in same wp-admin/ folder.. find this line:

    $submenu['post.php'][5] = array(__('Write Post'), 'edit_posts', 'post.php');

    Change to this:

    $submenu['post.php'][5] = array(__('Front Page'), 'edit_posts', 'post.php');

    Save it as: menu.php then, reupload it to your wp-admin/ folder.. that should be it?? As for those other menu things, I’m not too sure about, but..maybe someone with more knowledge of it, can help ya then. 😉 =)


    Thank you so much… there sure are a lot of files to go through. I am still having a tough time finding the ‘Discussion’ and ‘Post Slug’ stuff in the files… I managed to remove ‘Discussion’ by hacking up the edit-form-advanced.php file, but there must be a better palce because all the functions that show up in the sidebar on the write page, and write post admin panels are not here in sequence… if anybody knows where I could do all this (remove/edit them) please let me know… all I need is the file name. If I find it I will post back to this thread.

    Thanks for all the help (*salutes*)

    wp-admin/edit-page-form.php has the stuff you can hack outto remove the menu tabs on the write page admin panel. Now all I needs is the file to remove the stuff on the write post… er I mean on the write to front page page 😉

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