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    I have just one user, me, who logs in as admin. I’ve entered my name in the First Name and Nickname box and updated the page, but when I posted a test comment, my name appeared as “admin” – how can I change that so my name or nickname is displayed? Do I need to log out before commenting? I must be missing something obvious, and for that I’m sorry, but I appreciate your help!


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  • hmm, when you comment you get to type in the name yourself along with e-mail and url. are you talking about test post? if so, then in the profile tab in your admin section, after having typed in your nickname or whatever you want to display, just select the desired name in the “identity on the blog” dropdown menu. That should solve it.

    lawtai, I thought that’s what I had done, so I ended up solving my problem by changing “admin” to “Donna” in the user table of my database. Not an ideal solution, but it worked like a charm. Thanks for responding!

    What nightly are you using? This was a bug in a previous nightly.

    I think it’s from February 5 – so I’ll look into upgrading (not afraid of beta testing, but this is my first WP install). Thanks for the heads up!

    I have a similar question, the dropdown menu to choose your display name only contains permutations of my realname and my nickname I use to login. I want to sign my posts as ® which I’m not happy about using as my realname or my login, so is there a way to add this to the dropdown menu choice?


    Why not enter that as your nickname? Or are you using the nickname for something already? What you have in the nickname field is not the same as what you use for login (even if the values were the same).

    OK, that seems to do it, I thought that the nickname was the login, and wasn’t sure that ® was the most secure login to have, but you’re right I have changed it to ® and it’s fine.


    Hi there, sorry to restart an old thread. In our case we want to have multiple Editors with different nicknames, but whose public display name is the same (The Editors). I can either give everyone the same nickname, which gets confusing because on the Manage page you then cannot tell whose posts are whose, or I can give everyone separate nicknames but then the identity is revealed publicly. Any ideas?

    If we could just get the Manage page to display anything other than Nickname for author ID that would basically solve the problem.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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