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    I have used this plugin several months and now I discover following:
    1. I can’t change post where I have opt-in for UA groups
    2. User that we have opt-in for UA groups can’t be opt-out

    In both cases Access option is greyed for Admin.

    As I have the latest version of WP, don’t this plugin works in above mention parts?


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  • Hi

    I found the option to change a post to not be in UA groups (driven by category which I forgotten that was connected to same group).

    But no 2 above I still need to get an answer about!

    Last part solved. When creating groups don’t add for which roles as this part will feed user setup. If you already have created groups and users just go back to each group and tick off all roles and all users has now been ticked off from usergroups and can be manually ticked in for which groups they should have access or not. This part can only be manage if you have few users and not several 100s….

    id this plugin compatible with buddypress

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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