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  • I believe this topic may have been asked and/or answered, but if possible I would appreciate a simple step-by-step response, because 1) I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and any added keystrokes hurt (meaning not much room for exploration and 2) I just did a major rehauling of my blog and if I mess it up again I’m going to commit some sort of virtual suicide and 3) I need things spelled out simply because I have dyslexia (so what am i doing blogging in the first place?) Well, I try to be optimistic:

    So, question is, in simplest terms, how do I change the color of a page link on my sidebar? and, is it the same process by which I’d change the color of a different type link like category or blogroll? (Note: I’m most concerned about the first question, so if answering both would make things more confusing, I’ll skip on the second.


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  • Not sure what theme you are using, but look in your style.css for this or something similar:
    The h2’s and h3’s have attributes for color, etc..

    Thanks for the advice; I happen to be using the wheatgrass theme.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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