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  • Regarding Chait’s referrer plugin, I’m getting a fatal error on line 34 of refererLib.php when executing
    Line 34 of the library reads:
    (PHP is new to me, as is programming in general, I’m more a user)
    I placed the subdirectory ch-plugins under WordPress’s plugins directory.
    Anyone have any thoughts? Do I need to browse to the http://<yoursite>/refererLib.php?create=1
    from a logged in account?
    To keep the site up, I’ve deleted the additions to index.php, but when they were there, I also got an error of some kind at the blog.

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  • ummm, try grabbing the powerpack, and using the plugin version. a LOT of compatability issues have been fixed the past 6-8 weeks, not in the independent file.

    I should note if you use the powerpack, the plugin has an ‘INSTALL’ link that should call the right thing.

    okay, b16 is up, with doc changes. Let me know if any CG-Referer samples don’t work, and what about them doesn’t work (I just tried 1 and 4, and they worked for me — well, I didn’t have any searches, so 4 returned ‘no searches’).
    Also, if people WANT a “stats-type page” for using CG-Referer for stats listings too, give me a list of what kind of listings/layout you’d like to see, as there’s a TON of functionality that the direct-links do already, that I could do in a single page request with multiple listings… That is to say, the default output of the library calls are unordered lists, but the direct-link refererLib pages force a table-layout for most everything…

    Thanks! I missed the “INSTALL” link, and the code is still with 15b, not 16. It may be working properly:
    At the very bottom of the sidebar is the first sample link to a ‘top referrers’ report, which when opened is a blank page. It may be that until it gets some more traffic, it will remain empty. Not sure. 🙂
    Does it appear to be working properly?
    I’m kind of tired and end-of-day feeling, so I’ll check it out further tomorrow or sometime next week. If it works, I’ll make sure to follows your ‘Please Help’ suggestion. Haven’t looked into that just yet.

    the direct-link to refererlib is always filtered by user — it was (currently) only meant for use by logged-in admins. should you want to ‘unlock it’ temporarily, look for the line:
    if ($user_level>=2)
    (around 1440-1450 in the refererLib.php) … and comment it out.
    Note that because there are administrative functions in the file (flush, cleardups, install), I don’t like leaving that ‘open’ permanently, but for testing should be fine.
    Obviously, you can also just use the first example, to print out a referer list — that should work.

    I see the stats page from the logged in browser: “no referrers”. Same with updated version 17. I suspect at least one person here clicked on the site above, so I suspect something is still wrong.
    What I was originally looking for was something simple to track pages that are sending traffic, to look for links to Barbara’s blog, perhaps with a counter to track the number of incoming hits. To me, it really doesn’t matter if this is posted publicly, or available only to admin: either way would work. Barbara wants to know who’s linking to her site.
    I saw something similar on another blog, which linked here:
    but thought twice about using their solution because it involved a third-party tracking mechanism. (not very private)
    It’s possible that your program is much more sophisticated than our current needs require, and/or that our technical expertise can deal with.
    As far as generalized statistics, for 4 years now I’ve run Analog on a static site. This is what I thought important:
    What internal page (articles) received hits.
    Search engine phrases
    Total number of hits
    Day of week aggregated hits occurred (bots need to be filtered out)
    Time of day aggregated hits occurred (bots need to be filtered out)
    (I’ve tried to list these in order of importance to me)
    With blogging, which is entirely new to us, there are likely other categories of interest.

    My suggestion at this point is the same I usually run into: give me a temporary admin account, and that way I can see what’s really going on on your site (since I know my code very well).
    Sounds like logReferer(true) isn’t getting called, or is early-exiting for some reason. In theory, that should catch even you poking around your own site.
    I think 1-4 on your list are basically all covered, 5+6 are probably pretty easily done (I’m personally more interested in people per day, not times-of-day type things — but that’s just a logic flip…), and the data is certainly all sitting in the db.
    Bots are already supremely tracked and filtered out of all normal views.
    Searches/queries are also extremely well tracked and pulled apart, with support for a ton of engines/encodings.

    Thanks for the help. Emailing you now.

    Okay, emailed you back….

    All that was missing was the:
    … line at the top of index.php. Just so’s people know. Nothing wacky going on, works as expected.
    (That doesn’t mean the docs can’t be improved!! 😉 )

    Oh, and additional notes (I’ll go add to the readme):
    logReferer(true, true, true);
    … that says (the three trues):
    1. log all unique IPs to the site
    2. log internal referrals on the site (one person moving around)
    3. log bot visits
    If you’re using CG-Referer for heavy tracking of usage, you should do the 3 trues…

    No problem! That’s just the second step of the setup — I may try to make it ‘automatically’ happen inside the plugin, but then users lose the ability to easily customize it…

    For people reading this thread, the CG-PowerPack is up to version b19, with lots of further enhancements and fixes.

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