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  • For some reason Feedread from Chaitgear is only half working.

    On top of the page where I have added the PHP code there is now a message



    And the followed by some feed items that do display.

    The rich visual text editor is turned of.
    I used to use exec-php but changed to Runphp to see it that would make a difference.

    None whatsoever

    Somehow, somwehere something goes wrong and after trying for a couple of hours to solve this I’m lost.

    Any help very welcome.

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  • There’s some debug output that on a normal PHP install should never show up. Unfortunately, it seems to under some situations.

    If all the page is doing is loading feeds, I’d recommend doing it via a custom Page Template rather than exec-php or runphp. That’s just the way I’d normally do it. I’ve also used my own CG-QuickPHP tho.

    AHH, just looked at the code. That should all be in a HTML comment block. My best guess is that calling it from the page content, it gets processed by various filters, and the comment block turns into text. At least, that’s my best guess, sight (or site!) unseen. 😉

    Using a Page Template wouldn’t have that issue.

    Alternately, you can comment out the line in cg-feedread.php that outputs the debugging text (look for the SHOWING FEED in caps..).


    thanks David, I’ll give the commenting out a try. It used to work without a problem before so kind of strange. The site is and the feeds are under syndicated china blogs.

    Thanks again.

    these things never ‘just happen’.. 😉

    in some cases, it could be that your host upgraded PHP or something, certain things changed.

    could be you upgraded WP, things changed.

    could be that a file got corrupted (don’t think so in this case, but it’s happened!).


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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