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  • Okay, figured I should finally chime in. 🙂
    In what might seem to be a bit of a divergence from the core of WP, my site is not a blog, rather it’s a news/reviews site. The codebase has been extensively modded (‘core’, ‘hacks’, & ‘plugins’), and a lot of the modding is original code (though in some specific cases, non-original concept!). I have tried for the most part to push larger solutions back to the community, and certainly attempt to keep an eye on the forums for people needing quick 3-10 line PHP examples… 🙂
    I find myself, unfortunately, spending too much time working on the site (design, code), and not enough on the content. And for the site to really take off, it needs frequent updates of useful content. But I’m at about 400 unique readers per week, so that’s pretty good — I’d like to be in 400+ per day range by Summer. A lot depends upon whether I can start to generate interest, hype, and again, content. 😉
    Always interested in feedback, ideas for articles, reviews, how-to guides, etc. Might even be looking for some writers if things start to pick up. Fire away!

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    Every time I visit it looks different. 🙂
    I’ll definitely check back more if I ever have enough disposible income to get one of those neat flat panel TVs.

    It is stabilizing some, finally. 😉
    I’m reworking the Amazon stuff, hopefully the last major overhaul of that piece, never to be touched again… 😉 Parsing of the XML wasn’t quite right, and I’m looking for some sort of single-query-per-page DB integration…
    Also thinking about dumping some of the graphical elements and going for simpler CSS stuff. Been having some wacky stuff in IE due to lazy update of the graphical pieces and some serious issue with lack of caching of elements (I’d assume it’d cache graphics even if you specify nocache…).
    Otherwise we’re moving to a reasonably stable point, with just small features being added (the static About stuff was my latest quick hack).

    You change your site more than I change my underwear…uh, wait…uh…never mind.
    I have always looked to your site for inspiration, and I appreciate the contributions you make to the WP community.
    Keep up the good work!

    Yeah yeah… just updated it again!
    I was having problems with css-image loading speeds and caching under IE in some cases, so I’ve gone to more css, less images. Unfortunately, it seems border=outset is not colored properly across browsers — great. 😉
    Also just updated to new XML processing code. Brand new Feed aggregator, and the new CGAmazon code sits on it too.
    Much faster load times overall, and much easier to add/update stuff now!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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