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  • I migrated my site from http to https recently and was in the process of doing the 301 redirects for my website urls. When I visit my internal links in the Google Console there are several pages that redirect to my login.php page. (Note. this was the result of a website hack I had 2 years ago but since has been restored. I deleted the 404 pages and everything associated with the compromise and am ready to put it out there again. However, this remains. How do I get this fixed? Forcing a 301 redirect will cause chain redirects which hurts ranking. Wat would be a solution to this issue?

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    Teresa C.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello, I hope I understood you correctly. Do you have pages that are redirected to Where are those redirects coming from? Are they pages in your WordPress or part of your site? Setting up a 301-redirect is a safe way of redirecting traffic from HTTP to HTTPS which Google has said is acceptable. Make sure to update Google console to favor the HTTPS version of your site so it comes up in search rankings and doesn’t need to trigger a redirect.


    Thanks for your quick response. Yes,these pages are from my site and redirecting to my login.php. They had been redirected as part of the hack that occurred 2 years ago. This was their mode of entry I suppose. All of it has been cleared pages, scripts and Google de indexing of the 404 pages (which took forever) but now I secured the site with a plugin, and migrated the site with the SSL certificate as Google requires. The final step was to redirect the urls to the new version and I have this issue at hand. If I redirect the urls as is, I would create another set of login issues. I believe I have to “unlink” them to the redirect appropriately. Would love to know how.

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    Hello, how are the hacked pages still redirecting to your login.php? I hope you deleted the hacked pages after the hack. You can check your .htaccess file for any redirects the hackers placed.

    Hey, thanks for answering back. Some of my blog posts and media files were scraped and they redirected the pages to login.php. I also have the lost password which is how they tried to do most of the damage. The thing is, these blog posts are active pages they are part of my blog and so are the media files. That is why I thought I needed to unlink these pages and they wold be individual urls and the login.php file stays untouched. If so, I would have login problems. I was researching certain tools like Screaming Frog that isolates these bad redirects and helps you fix them. They say it is easy to remove but that is only on paper!! Haha. It has taken me hours just to find out how to undo them.


    Hi, I didn’t understand the part about login problems? If you set up SSL correctly there should not be any login problems.

    Sorry, there isn’t an easier solution. That’s why we always recommend keeping backups you can restore to in case of a hack.

    You can also tell Google not to index those URL’s while you are still fixing the issue.


    I have learned that lesson believe me, instead of one backup I create several just in case.I can login perfectly to the site and the site has no problems(thankfully). My issue is in the redirects from the blog posts. I would like to correct that before I can redirect to the new secured version. Given that people are still accessing the http version, all links and everything in it has to redirect to the new https. Google also sees them as two separate entities,so I don’t know if a redirection of another redirection will cause a problem. That why I put this issue out there.


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    This problem has been resolved.
    Thanks a lot.


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