CGI timeout when upgrading to 2.3 (2 posts)

  1. halinagold
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I'm upgrading my blog from 2.2.3 to 2.3. I get to the message: Your database is out-of-date and click on the Upgrade your database link and wait patiently for a long time... and then I get this:
    CGI Timeout
    The specified CGI application exceeded the allowed time for processing. The server has deleted the process.

    Since then I'm not able to access my database at all. I get "Error establishing a database connection" on all my blogs connected to that database (they have different prefixes), not just the one that I tried to upgrade

    I have no idea what causes it or how to proceed from here.
    Advice will be highly appreciated.



  2. halinagold
    Posted 8 years ago #

    As it turned out this operation deleted my entire database - including 3 other blogs!
    This is so far out - what's wrong with 2.3 ?
    Yes I do have a backup...

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