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  • I just noticed that the CG-Referrer table in my database (after running for about a month) is larger than my posts database (with 800+ posts). Is this normal? Will it slow down as some of the referrers start to be repeats? If not, is there something I need to do short of deactivating the plugin to keep the size reasonable?

    I’m seeing the same thing with “wp_sem_nodes”, which I assume is related to a Semiologic plugin, either Dofollow or Search Reloaded.

    Neither of these are big enough to be a problem yet, but I’m trying not to repeat the Spam Assassin email experience where the filter files filled my email server and I couldn’t get any email, spam or otherwise.

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  • For CG-Referrer you can empty the tables with PHPMyAdmin or, from the Admin section of WP, purge entries older than a specified time. The size is normal – the more visits your site gets, the larger the table.

    Of 656 entries over the past several days 255 are from one adultcam website. Oh how I wish I could reach out and “touch” them! 😉 I am hoping David will hurry up and add a “flush” button for those I have tagged… David, are you there?

    Edit: Only 124 are referrers of interest, the rest are crap, so the table will be much smaller once those are flushed. Right now I just use PHPMyAdmin to delete those I have tagged as bad… and the table just went from >900K to <100K

    wp_sem_nodes is due to search reloaded. it will likely become larger than your post table, as it contains a tag-free version of the title, excerpt and content of each of your posts, with a full text index on top of it.

    My CHAITGEAR referrer table is something > 40MB at the moment, and I typically keep like 100days ++ of referrer stats. I try to clean out spam stats every now and again, but I don’t currently flush bot information.

    If you dont NEED the data, the typical user can probably flush to a 30d limit every few weeks… That should keep the size down (so long as mysql auto-compacts the tables — which I’m not entirely sure about!).

    The new version I’m working on will allow you to flush blacklist/spam items with one click (assuming the script doesn’t time out!). It also breaks down a lot more data, has more customizable options (like track a given bot only one visit per day…), new panels (feed tracking), and filters out trackback/pingback stuff (hopefully to another panel…).


    Hey Big D – Not on topic, but since you are working on the next rendition, could you check why Antispam does not flush comments marked as wp-spam? That is assuming you want it to do so. I got hit with spam this morning that WP sent to moderation and I marked as spam. You are still set as administrator so you can check it out and also see if you want to add anything from my blacklist to your master list.

    Edit: probably should have sent this in an e-mail, next time I will.

    Heh. Sometimes the forums make for better exchange, and get others involved. 😉


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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