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  • I’m dropping a Blogtricks javascript in favor of CG-Referer from the CG-Powerpack tonight. Using the example from the readme in my index.php:
    start_block("Latest Referers", "refer", "li");
    $rlist = refererList(10, 'global', 0, '');
    if ($rlist) echo '

      foreach ($rlist as $rlink) // for the moment, inlined cleanup of long referers.
      echo "

    • " . str_replace(".", " . ", $rlink) . "
    • \n";
      if ($rlist) echo '


    I get a nice list of Referers. What I want, though, is for the <i>Title</i> of the original page display as a clickable link that takes you back to the referer.
    Is that possible to do with this package?
    P.S. “Referer” is spelled wrong. 😛

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  • Hmmm… I don’t believe there is any particular way to find out the actual name of the referring site. The referrer data is just the address/link itself. I’d be interested to hear of any script that can work that particular magic!
    The misspelling of referer is something I picked up from others… And I’ve just kept it. Every now and then I clean it up bit by bit in the code.

    Switching hosts, I ended up with the blogtrick javascript. It does indeed show the page title of the referrer. I’ll keep it running on my site for a few days if you want to peek at it.

    d- The fault for the misspelling lies with the developers of PHP. Once they let it slip by, not much could be done about it without “breaking” a slew of PHP programs!

    If you can point me to the javascript, I can look at what tricks it is doing. It might be it does a http-get of the referring URL, and looks for the title in the meta tags of the HTML, and caches it off or something.
    The major reason that, by default, CG-Referrer doesn’t do clickable links is to discourage/eliminate refererrer spam, as sites don’t publish actual links back. Of course, with all the anti-spamming stuff it now has built-in, it is much harder to spam repeatedly.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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