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    CG-Related and CG-PostOrder are both at ‘basic functionality’ points. Note: PostOrder requires code mods (listed in the -plugin file itself), OR will work with 1.5.1 when released (the fix is now in).

    The XML code has had significant changes, due to my hosting provider screwing with PHP socket-based retrievals. IF YOU USE CG-FEEDREAD OR CG-AMAZON, PLEASE TEST!

    CG-Blacklist file has a TON of updates for latest spammers/domains. CG-Referrer and CG-AntiSpam will thus immediately take advantage of it. CG-ANTISPAM NEEDS TESTING BY PEOPLE WITH HEAVY SPAMMING, LIGHT ON REAL COMMENTS. COULD HAVE BUGS! 😉

    CG-Inline has new ‘query’ macro type, for inlined links to different query services (google, ask, yahoo, answers, imdb, wikipedia, and dictionary, at the moment).

    CG-Amazon continues to get minor refinements, seems to be working with the new XML code just fine.

    CG-Referrer is now logging ALL ‘bounces’, so that we can track better any bugs/issues, and so you can see who’s ‘hitting’ your site but getting bounced. Also, bounces happen much earlier, so less processing should occur before triggering — HOWEVER, logging everything does cost a little, but it’s a worthy tradeoff.

    … and more.

    Feedback, bugs, etc., fire away here or at CHAITGEAR.


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  • Cant wait to try out the inline stuff.

    If you have Qs, feel free to post here or drop a line at the site.


    Just a bump — has anyone had a chance to try out CG-AntiSpam? I’d like to know how it’s working for people being hit by comment or trackback spam.

    Also, should have another version bump over the weekend, fixed a bug in CG-Amazon+CG-Inline “Link” output text links, enhanced the permalink Inline to auto-generate missing fields from the post-title itself, and might take a stab at some updated docs — especially if there are particular plugins that people want better examples for. Just speak up! 😉


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