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  • CG-PowerPack is up. Updates across the major plugins, mostly due to requests from the userbase. Continue to let me know if you have features you are looking for, or issues that need addressing.

    People who got the 1.5.3 release PLEASE re-grab the .1 bugfix — CG-Referrer wasn’t tracking ANYTHING due to a bug in the new tracking variables. Thanks, and sorry for the mixup! 😉


    – Moved the Amazon README file to the top level directory
    – fixed missing unicode functions error.

    – now handles picking the right URL out of multiple HREFs per feed.

    – now defaults forceContentClears to FALSE, as some themes showing issues

    – DEFAULTS TO NO BLACKLISTING. Read the readme for updated usage instructions, as there’s a lot of new documentation in there (and may need some tweaks). Basically, there’s now four globals that can be set in wp-config.php to control what gets tracked, and what gets validated/blacklisted (and whether blacklisted referrers get bounced).

    Any Qs, fire away!


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  • The new referrer is broken. I get the following error:
    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ‘)’ in /home/owner/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cg-plugins/bot_fns.php on line 19


    Frack! Lemme go look at that. Thanks Brian!


    yeah, was missing a comma on the new line (BecomeBot, which has been HAMMERING my site). I’ve re-uploaded, but if you don’t want to re-download, just add a comma in bot_fns.php on line 18 at the end, like all other lines in the file… 😉

    SORRY! Last minute tweak, forgot to test it.


    No worries. I will try it out again. Heck I looked the file over and missed that comma trying to get it to work.

    I assume that the bots don’t get blocked just not tracked?

    One more request I am getting hammered from this IP It does not show up as a bot but it has to be, as it crawle all over my site 100s of times a day.

    That fixed it. It is just amazing that one simple comma could bring down the whole blog.

    Yeah, freaking incredible system PHP is… what’s even more amazing is when the pages come up blank, no error message or nothing. Those are fricking impossible to debug. PHP needs some work to make sure bad-page-state error messages ALWAYS show up. How else can users report errors aside from ‘dude, your page is blank’? 😉

    I’m still enhancing the referrer stuff… I can always send you just a file or two modded if you want to try more recent tweaks.

    That IP is BecomeBot. Should be what that last thing ‘fixed’ in not detecting it as a bot. Yes, I’m finding it crawling stuff all over the place.


    Thanks David.

    I would normaly love to take you up on your offer of trying out tweaks, but the next ten days I have to go in for my treatments and it is all I can do to blog.

    Best of luck with the treatments.. Ping me when you’re back on top of things, and we’ll work on it!


    Is there anyway to seperate bots from the recent page? Just have them show up in the bots page only? It takes up too much space on the recent page.

    Heh. The list for the primary Recent panel was done to show all activity types, so I included searches, bots, and blocked stuff. I then broke out all the individual panels so that you could simply filter on what you wanted to look at (just searches, just bots, just blocked). But never broke out a panel for ‘just visitors’. 😉

    That’s pretty easy to do either way. If you want to do a one-change hack to your CG-Referrer, around like 2191 or so you should see:

    $rlist = refererList ($showRecent, "global", true, "", true, true, true);

    Change the LAST true in that line to be a false instead, and I think that’ll filter out bots and blocked immediately.


    That did it your a life saver! I have it set to 400 and almost all of it is that bot. Maybe this should be the default setting in the future? Maybe a comment line explaining what the individual true false represent?

    for reference it is line 2182.

    It looks like I have time for this after all. hehe

    I found a problem. Even with that at false it still takes up room in the count. So I have it set to last 400 but I only see 21 because of the bots. You see my problem with that bot.

    huh. you have that new “BecomeBot” change in bot_fns.php, right? That was the missing comma.

    That should be the 64.xxxx guy. If you click on the entry ID (the far left column), it’ll show you all the raw fields from the entry — the userAgent should say BecomeBot in it somewhere. If it doesn’t it’s a different bot. If it does, but isn’t being tagged as _BOT_, that’s a different problem (and not one I’m currently seeing here…).

    I’m more than willing to have you set me up with a temp admin account on your blog, and I can then see what you see. (Also would have you make sure both bot_fns.php and cg-referrer.php are read/write under the admin interface, might require the permission get updated a bit…). Just let me know.

    (I just looked at my ‘new code’, and it’s actually only visual changes on the bots panel, nothing else significant at the moment… so your current code should catch that guy, and then the false should strip him from the page.)

    Oh, you can also click the Tag panel, to have it try to go through and back-tag BecomeBot now that it’s in the bot list… But that’d only catch him visiting prior to that code change/update. New stuff should be being tagged already.


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