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  • Grab the newest CG-PowerPack and give it a test-drive. 😉

    Top ticket items (README.txt for more…):

    – CG-PostOrder now fully functional, with Admin panel
    – the _target redirect is now under global variable control.
    – CG-Referrer Admin overhaul, more data, more access
    – CG-Amazon content encoding updates, random-item bugfix
    – CG-Feedread improved output wrappering, multifeed
    – CG-Related back functioning again
    – CG-SameCat back functioning again

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  • I should note: CG-Related and CG-PostOrder have ‘inline’ editing buttons for Admins. That means, they will try to place buttons next to each post in a given archive view. I’ll likely be introducing an ‘Edit Mode’ where you can turn the buttons on and off, as a next incremental enhancement (as it does wacky things with certain themes!).


    Has anyone tried out the new PostOrder plugin? Or looked at the new Referrer admin panels? Just looking for PowerPack feedback! 😉


    Minor CG-Amazon bugfix for people running under non-UTF-8:

    Add the line:

    in cg-amazon.php, line 18 (after the other two require_once statements).

    That’ll fix missing uni_decode errors. I’ll roll it into the next release.


    Another seemingly minor bugfix that’ll roll into the next release. If you are using ATOM feeds (not a lot of folks are yet), the feed can have a whole bunch of HREFs associated with each entry. I wasn’t accounting for more than one html version — apparently there’s ‘alternate’ (the real link) and ‘related’ (other link to info), and I was grabbing whichever was first and exiting. I now give priority to the alternate link. Anyone who needs a patch, replace the function get_HREF block in cg-feedread.php with the following code:

    $hrefGrades = array('alternate' => 2);

    function get_HREF(&$data)
    global $XATTR,$XVALUE,$XTAG; // delimiters in the array breakdown...
    global $hrefGrades;

    $output = '';
    $grade = 0;
    if (isset($data['href']))
    $output = $data['href'];
    else // hopefully an array of links...
    //if (is_array($data) // better be, assume it is...
    foreach($data as $posslinks)
    if (strpos($posslinks['type'], 'html'))
    $newGrade = 0;
    if (isset($hrefGrades[$posslinks['rel']]))
    $newGrade = $hrefGrades[$posslinks['rel']];
    if ($grade<=$newGrade)
    $output = $posslinks['href'];
    $grade = $newGrade;
    //$siteTitle = $posslinks['title']; // we could override here...
    return $output;


    If I have PostOrder running on my site, without any pages added to the PostOrder list, I get this error on every post:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in wp-content/plugins/cg-plugins/cg-postorder.php on line 71.

    Does this ring a bell?

    Yeah… I need to start tracking a buglist.

    It’ll only show up if you have your error level cranked up. Usually notices and warnings are hidden on ‘production boxes’, but a lot of hosting providers have things defaulting high. My error-handler.php code is what I use to capture all the error output from pageloads so it never is seen by a user. Of course, if I don’t read it myself, I sometimes miss things like this! 😉

    If you’re up to it, just add a line before that line:

    if (empty($qres)) return;

    I’ll get that rolled-in eventually…


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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