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  • While mainly to address the new compatability issues with 1.5.1 admin sub-panels, this new release also has a number of important fixes and enhancements across the board. The CHANGES.TXT file lists all the major stuff. It’s in the usual location up on CHAITGEAR.

    Let me know if folks find any additional WP 1.5.1 compatability issues — or anything else for that reason! 😉


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  • For anyone listening… 😉

    I’m actively working on (yeah, I’m starting to follow better numbering conventions!).

    WP1.5.1 changed some things having to do with testing the user level of a logged-in user, and so some of my plugins aren’t behaving 100% as they should. CG-Referrer is temp tracking admins (which it normally wouldn’t), and some of the admin-visible stuff in other plugins isn’t currently visible — CG-PostOrder or -Related buttons when viewing the site, some CG-Amazon special sauce, etc.

    Let me know if you catch any particular issues, so I can try to make sure .1.1 actually DOES fix all the major outstanding ‘flukes’ due to WP1.5.1 changes.. 😉


    I still cannot see any buttons in postorder and related using wp
    I don’t see any admin tracking in referer

    if you don’t see tracking of admin access, that’s good. Though, I was pretty sure it should be catching them.

    as for the postorder/related buttons, they’ll show up when I get CG-PP uploaded in the next day or so. Actually, postorder is now pretty functional, with an admin page that allows you to change the postorder ‘level’ or ‘priority’ for ordered posts (sorting is first by highest postorder, then by date…).

    keep an eye here…


    hey david you may want to look at this article, how you would implement them I don’t know, but it would add variety 🙂

    No I was mistaken it is showing admin login.

    How can I make it show more then 25?

    Jinsan – pretty cool. I already do have the percent-off stuff auto-generating based on pricing, drop-shadow images, and the four basic image sizes. The dynamic sizes thing is wacky (who needs that much control!), as is the image-rotation thing. The overlays are kinda neat — makes sense they’re all embedded in the system.

    Brian – right now, I’m not sure! 😉 The old method was to specify the number of elements for the particular query as the “=” for the query type, i.e. top=100 would show top 100 referrers. My ‘web box’ is off at the moment, but if you look at the admin page URIs, I believe they all say “=25” at the end. Just hand-edit the URI in your browser (I do =1000 every now and again) and it should override. The old method was designed for directly-loading cg-referrer.php with the particular query string — so I’m not sure how it’ll all look in the admin interface (should be okay, I’d think).

    The cg-referrer-plugin.php file currently has the 25 as a hardcoded number. I was planning on adding ‘paging’ to the admin panels so you could page through more elements — not sure if that’s more useful than being able to specify the # of elements to show?


    Nope it is:

    I tried adding =100 to the end to check but no good.

    It is catching certain admin hits, like I noticed post.php and login.php The reason I didn’t notice before is it is only 25 and I usually get that many visits in 2-3 hours.

    if you open up the cg-referrer-plugin.php file, there’s a line:
    $ref_showcount = 25;

    Change the 25 to 100 or 200 or whatever. The base panel shouldn’t actually have that query there — really should have been a separate page, with just raw stats and such on the first panel, as well as any config options.

    I’ll continue to think about ‘paged’ displays as well…


    I think that is working. Thank you.

    FYI: cg-inline does not work if is enabled

    That’s interesting. What’s the result? Nothing?

    PreFormatted is certainly designed specifically to avoid dynamic code, so it wouldn’t necessarily be good to team up with CG-Inline+CG-Amazon, but I’d think other replacements should work. My best guess is something’s screwing up the comment transformations.

    I just tried preformatted. CG-Amazon inlines don’t seem to be working, though other inlines (query, permalink) work fine. Unfortunately, not much I can do at the moment, as my debugging output is getting completely eaten by PF.


    hehe, preformatted is a bitch 😉

    Still having an issue with cg-feedread opening in a new window/tab (for Firefox). I’ll download 1.5.1 today and the update to WP and implement them both and see if that is going to fix that particular problem.

    I should have CG-PP uploaded later tonight, I hope. Been sick for a few days, haven’t gotten stuff done… and I’ve got a few new plugins on the way.

    If it still doesn’t work with CG-PP, let me know and I’ll take another look.


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