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  • Since the features have been reasonably stable for a while now, I’ve decided to make b22 that was in progress just be the first final-candidate release before declaring 1.0 ‘done’. 😉
    It’s available from the usual place, on CHAITGEAR… Also note that I’ve removed the download links and zips to the old independent scripts, until I can find a way to extra these newer (by 3 months!) versions back out.
    Let me know if any minor features are missing, or any bugs, and if you have bigger feature requests, now’s the time to queue them up for the 2.0 versions!

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  • I was running the last beta so I will have to update to test whatever changes have been made. I did make these changes in tracktunes:
    $track = stripslashes($track);
    $album = stripslashes($album);
    $artist = stripslashes($artist);
    Also added the closing slash in the br’s for validation.
    And for the dispTracks function I made it into an ordered list
    I noticed a new inline-extras folder. I will have to check that out tomorrow. Anything new over b21 I should know about?

    Oh yeah, I did get some of your blacklist changes in last minute… 😉

    Where’d you add the stripslashes? On Add/Set, the vars are all stripslashed. Is something double-encoded getting into tracktunes.txt?

    Added them in addHistory() so Makin\’ Whoopee becomes Makin’ Whoopee. I believe you have fixed it for all the CG stuff you wrote, this just gets missed.

    Yay!! Thanks!! Now the cg_samecat plugin shows posts of multiple categories. To see it in action, go to and look at the Most Recent Ramblings box in the left column.

    D – Just thought I would try out CG-Related, but we know what an idjit I am, couldn’t quite grasp what appears to be simple instructions and couldn’t get it to work. I must be stuck on “adding the call and the global OR” section.

    I haven’t been very lucky with David’s plugins since I switched to a new host. It seems like it can’t find the files, and I am at a loss. Here’s the error:
    Warning: open_basedir restriction in effect. File is in wrong directory in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 25
    I didn’t change a thing, just uploaded, and it wasn’t nice to me 🙁

    *sigh* David, David, David….. no BACKGROUND color on your site? For shame!
    At any rate, I’ve downloaded it, and haven’t had the chance to install it (upgrade) just yet but had a quick question. Can I search by Author? It seems that when ever I do, I go no results. I look for the Author in the “Books” category, but it never brings anyhting back.

    Yes you can search by author. I have in the past and just did for Howard Thurman and Leo Tolstoy and got lots of their books. Perhaps the Amazon site was “dysfunctional” when you tried it?

    No background color? Hrrm. And where/what were you looking to be set? I know something in the CSS is set to force white…

    David – I only noticed because my browser (good ol’ trusty-rusty FireFox) has got a default bgcolor of light blue. There’s a white swatch of color in the upper left hand that covers 1/2 of the header area and all block elements (menu & posts) are bgcolored right….. it’s just in between things.
    Aaaaat any rate. I’m thinking of using the CG-FeedRead for the first time to pull news from a second site and display it on mine. Is there anything I need to watch out for? Haven’t read the readme just yet, but that’s my next step after I d/l it here at work.

    hmmm. Not sure where I need to override — body already is bgcolored, I thought. hmmm….
    As for CGFR, just grab the powerpack, activate CGFR, and toss in the sample with your own URL. There are tons of options for what’s included in output, styling approach, titles as graphics, etc. Lemme know if you run into problems.

    Sorry about that. I hate 1.0Strict — it blows a bunch of semi-important hacks of my code and CSS, including the target= thing — which I’m not altogether sure WHY that was removed.
    Maybe I’ll find a way to build links via a helper function, and have the target= stuff be optional… Probably not 1.0 (too close) but maybe the next increment.

    Okay, FC2 is now up:
    Lots of changes and tweaks. Should run cleaner on PHP5, and PHP4 with open_basedir restrictions. Anyone who was ‘testing’ for me should grab this new release, as there ARE a few final tweaks I added.
    Gnomey: I added a variable so you can disable the targeting. 😉 Read the changes file.

    Oh, I forgot to note that the CG-PP now has a method (manual, not plug-in at the moment) for applying the CG-Referrer blacklist to comment postings — I’ve been using it, and I think Beel had gotten up on it. Basically just a small snippet added to the comments posting code to call into a CG function to validate the comment against the blacklist.
    If people really want to know how, post here and I might just start a new post about the CG-PP referrer & comment blacklist features… 😉
    Also, I’m adding more ‘macros’ to CG-Inline, like ‘floattext’ for CSS styling text so you can float it (really could be called ‘csstext’, since css controls whether it floats or anything else!), or ‘linkto’ for easier ‘standardized’ href generation (with optional target= tagging). Also just added the ability for CG-Inline Amazon entries to get ‘cached’ like Img entries, for previewing on category/list pages (you’ll start seeing this on CHAITGEAR, where I can MUCH more quickly insert an amazon tag into a post than deal with downloading, cropping, resizing, thumbnailing, and uploading images).

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