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  • I am having trouble getting CG_Inline tags to behave as the snippet of support documentation tells me they should behave. The Amazon tag won’t “float” the image or other wise format it in any “inline” fashion. I also cannot enter my own title. The “link” doesn’t ever show up, either. I turned ImageOnly to ON in the config file, and I have tried the above using both the DIV wrapper turned ON and OFF. Any Ideas? Does ImageOnly kill the inline text option? Why won’t my test wrap around the floated images?


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  • Case 1:
    You’d need to defined a CSS override for:
    .float-left-amazon-block {

    I don’t have a default one in cg-amazon.css. You can also try using ASIN.inline instead of ASIN.left, which IS in the sample CSS, and may (or may not) give the desired effect. (NOTE to you AND all readers: cg-amazon.css is a SAMPLE, muck it up all you want/need!)

    Case 2:
    Yeah, that’s kinda broken. In the release you have, if you did ASIN.Link (capital L) instead, you’d get an inline link with the Amazon product name as the inlined text. I just fixed it so that the text after the colon is written out. Also, I just changed it so it lowercases the text after the period, so link or Link should both work.

    But both cases should be reasonably-useful even before my new PowerPack release is ready (I’m trying to decide whether to call it 1.6 or 2.0, since I had plans for my ‘2.0’ updates…).


    Oh ok. I guess I didn’t realize that the cg-inline tag call used the cg-amazon.css at all. I will try over-riding the CSS to get my desired effect.

    When is your new version coming out. 🙂

    Ok… I have the inline parts working for the most part (although I’m still giddily waiting for your new version 🙂 …but I have another question. Is there a rule against showing the same Amazon product twice on a page? I noticed that as soon as I posted an inline tag for a book I was reading, that very same book then “disappeared” off my Currently Reading sidebar area.

    Yeah, that’s a hidden feature…

    You can set $shouldTrackShown=false in something like wp-config.php or cga-config.php. That’ll fix it for the time being. I’d have to think of a longer-term solution… (the tracking of shown stuff can be disabled, but once something is ‘in’ the tracking system, it’ll be removed from new displays on the page…).


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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