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    My first entry into the plugin competition (not sent in yet…) is a drop-in system for sIFR title replacements in WP. I’d love ANY feedback die-hard users might have by midday tomorrow, ranging from the readme, to the overall functionality…

    Get it here.

    I’m also working on a bunch of other entries, so this is only my first post. rush, rush, rush to the finish line! 😉


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  • Always a good (and reasonable!) choice when you start getting into hairier CSS work. 😉


    I installed the plug-in as directed (on 1.5.3) and there is no way to get to the Admin portion. There is no tab to click on.

    You mean 1.5.2? I have a 1.5.2 install I’ve been working on the past few weeks to update CHAITGEAR and all of the CG Plugins, and just installed CG-FlashyTitles, clicked Activate, and the FlashyTitles top-level menu shows up fine. I’d have to know more about your site, possibly poke around, if it really doesn’t work.


    Stupid typing errors… I meant I just re-downloaded the plug-in from your site moved the folder and the php file to my plug-ins folder and there’s still no menu option on the admin page.

    Are there any requirements needed for this to run that my host might not be meeting?

    My blog is at

    As an aside to your issue, you do know 1.5.2 addressed some security issues – meaning you should upgrade?

    If you were able to activate the plugin, I see no reason why you shouldn’t at least get an option mention called, “FlashyTitles.”

    Is there any way I can diagnose/troubleshoot this problem and relay information to you guys?

    Let me see if I can find and install locally. It is possible that in moving to support 1.5.2, I somehow broke backwards compatability (they’ve changed the menuing system multiple times since the original 1.5 release…).


    Thanks for looking into it.

    If you upgraded to the more secure version of WP, he wouldn’t have to be bothered (and it is not like it is going to cost you anything but your time).

    Sorry, I don’t have any control over which version I’m using. My host decides that.

    You mean you can’t upload the new version over the one the host installed? That’s odd….

    If you can upload files (don’t know how you can have a website without that ability) you can upload the 4 or 5 files necessary to upgrade to 1.5.2 (Incidentally, I don’t think this particular issue is version related anyhoo)

    Separate question related to FlashyTitles (I’m not supposed to start a new thread, right?)

    I was testing out a new title for flashytitle and didn’t like it, so I went to delete it out of the backend. Instead, all of my flashytitles got deleted in one fell swoop. This has happened a couple of times – first time I thought it was something I did, but now I’m positive – if I click any of those “x” boxes and agree, all of my settings are lost.

    Running 1.5.2 and FT 1.1 – any ideas? Thanks.

    Yep, not very nice is it?

    Ok Beel, you were right, I do have the ability to upgrade. My fault. I do believe this is the issue though because I installed 1.5.2 on my machine at home and the plug-in works like a charm. I’ll let you know what I found out after I upgrade…

Viewing 15 replies - 46 through 60 (of 106 total)
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