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  • My first entry into the plugin competition (not sent in yet…) is a drop-in system for sIFR title replacements in WP. I’d love ANY feedback die-hard users might have by midday tomorrow, ranging from the readme, to the overall functionality…

    Get it here.

    I’m also working on a bunch of other entries, so this is only my first post. rush, rush, rush to the finish line! 😉


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  • Anyone gotten to take FlashyTitles for a test-drive? The contest deadline is only 8 hours away… I’m working feverishly on a bunch of other plugs, but this is the cool one. 😉



    Well, the last time I tried, when I clicked on the tab, it’s going to wp-admin/cg-flashytitles.php or something like that, so that I have to type it manually like with ?page=cg-flashytitles/cg-flashytitles.php, but then I got error of redeclaration of some function.
    I’ll try it again when I’m not half conscious.

    Edit: apparently, I can’t upload the whole thing in a folder. See that’s what I don’t like about your plugins (I use your cg amazon), that you have to have a file and a folder in wp’s plugin root folder. Why can’t you just put everything in a folder? I believe I manage to do that before.

    Anyhow, now I get
    Unable to open file (/home/username/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/../cg-flashytitles.dat).

    That error saying that I have to a file named cg-flashytitles.dat in wp-content, right ? Huh?

    Anyhow, whatever, just create the requested file. And the setting is saved properly, as I can see the the content. However, nothing gets flashy. In FlashyTitle page under sample, I get only regular, unflashified “Quick brown fox.”

    Probaly another incorrect URI reference somewhere in the code?

    David, here’s the full error line I get after install and activation, and when I attempt to utilize CG-FlashyTitles to manipulate <h2>s:

    Unable to open file (/home/karyl/public_html/pov/wp-content/plugins/

    Doesn’t appear that the cg-flashytitles.dat file exists, nor is it being created.

    I have it installed on my home box. But receive this error after activation and attempting to go to the Flashy Titles confing page:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_sifr_font_list() (previously declared in D:apachefriendsxamppxampphtdocsblogwordpresswp-contentpluginscg-flashytitles.php:100) in D:apachefriendsxamppxampphtdocsblogwordpresswp-contentpluginscg-flashytitles.php on line 121

    alphaoide –

    Thanks for the feedback… I separate things to make it easier for me to maintain and upgrade. In this case, I’m separating my plugin code from the actual sIFR files.

    to all –

    I’ll go look into the path issues. I’ve run it on WinXP and hosted Linux without issues — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems to fix. 😉


    What I’m saying is I dont like the following

    - cg-flashytitles.php
    - sifr/
    - - files.php

    I prefer the following
    - cg-flashytitles/
    - - cg-flashytitles.php
    - - - sifr/
    - - - - files.php

    That way, in plugins folder, one plugin correspond to exactly one file or one folder. So, that someday in the future if I need to clean up I won’t be wondering, “Which plugin does this folder belong to?”


    Some follow-ups:

    – I just uploaded 0.8 to my site. Those of you with path problems, please try this again — you only need the plugin .php file out of the zip if you’ve already got 0.7 installed. I changed to not use the .. path reference, in case that was an issue. I >am< assuming your wp-content is writeable, as it is supposed to be (for uploading images, etc.). If it isn’t, that’d do the trick.
    – I just tried on my hosted box again with no dat, seems okay. Could be a permissions difference I guess.
    – The ‘cannot redeclare’ thing is weird. I’m using php4 I believe — wonder if that’s a php5 thing? I’m not being overly clean, but the plugin shouldn’t be getting included twice — I don’t think.

    alphaoide – another idea just struck me. do you have flashblock, or javascript disabled, or any combination of such things? that’d prevent it from working… 😉
    – on the folder structure thing… I get what you’re saying. You could go and place it in a folder — or I can think about ‘packaging’ things another level deeper. or, if you use an unzip app like mine, I get a folder created when I unzip, and you’d just drag that to /plugins.


    The updated .php file works fine. Now all I have to do is figure out how to make the titles show…. I’m not real clever at this particular sort of thing, obviously!

    Anyway, for me, it’s fixed.

    Hah, it works wonderfully on my local server, but not on remote server.

    This is really good stuff; so freaking easy to use. Well done on this one.

    Glad it’s working! 😉

    vkaryl – The readme is basic, but points the right direction: start with something like your h1 heading or h2 titles. That’s what the included JPGs show me overriding.

    And as I said, sIFR is an ART FORM. I haven’t yet figured out how to get the spacing to match up reasonably, I’m just figuring out how to use the font-size override to make the replacement better match the size of the original, and I’m stumped on how to get my ‘h2 a’ borders to show up with replacements active.

    I’m hopeful this starts a LOT of back and forth discussions and improvements with the sIFR guys, as this has such incredible PROMISE to change the ‘face’ of the internet. 😉

    Now, on to my other entries… 😉


    Nope, changed the updated ver 8 plugin file and received the following error that is nearly the same as the previous one. Looks like only line number of the error is different.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_sifr_font_list() (previously declared in D:apachefriendsxamppxampphtdocsblogwordpresswp-contentpluginscg-flashytitles.php:98) in D:apachefriendsxamppxampphtdocsblogwordpresswp-contentpluginscg-flashytitles.php on line 119

    Just for info I’m useing XAMPP Version 1.4.11 with PHP: 5.0.3 on a XP pro box.

    I think I’ try to install it in an online blog to see what happens.

    Didn’t work online either. Here is the error received:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare cgsifr_add_menu() (previously declared in /home/cranial/public_html/pickledpundit/wp-content/plugins/cg-flashytitles.php:22) in /home/cranial/public_html/pickledpundit/wp-content/plugins/cg-flashytitles.php on line 20

    The online server is a Linux box (i686), Apache version 1.3.33 (Unix), PHP version 4.3.10, MySQL version 4.0.23-standard

    Marc – I’m trying to figure out how the plugin file is being included twice on your systems, but not on mine (or, not bitching on mine). Can you email me your two error messages to cgcode at chait dot net, so I can see the locations the errors are coming up?

    I might also need a phpinfo dump at some point, maybe try to compare your boxes with mine and see what’s up. Grrrr. 😉

    Thanks for doing the testing — much appreciated!


    David – give me awhile. I have a few more “irons in the fire” at the moment.

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