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  • Hello, I try to use this plugin, but the SWF font’s doesn’t load by mi IE.

    Did you know some suggest?

    Also I have this error to
    Unable to open file (/home/gutielua/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/../cg-flashytitles.dat).

    Tnx in advance


    The url of this plugin

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  • What version of WP are you running?

    Do you see the fonts in the admin interface?

    The error you are seeing should only happen before the first creation of a FlashyTitle. If it happens when you try to save a title, then your wp-content directory isn’t properly writeable.

    (If needed, you can hand-create a blank file named cg-flashytitles.dat in wp-content, and make it writeable by your server. But I don’t know of anyone who has needed to…)

    If the font show in the admin interface, but not in the blog, then your theme doesn’t have the header and footer tags/hooks needed for FlashyTitles to hook itself in.


    OK, what I’ve found is that you have to set the permissions of the wp-content folder to 777 to get it to work – which, I am told, is a BAD thing.

    at that point, you lose the error about the dat file.

    of course, it’s not a guarantee that the selector will be substituted… mine just goes missing, no flash appears, but it’s a start.

    that said, I am going to have to pull this idea out of play, I think… too many iffy things and not enough documentation. I mean, if the permissions need to be 777, just SAY SO. I’ve looked at 4 pages of posts asking about what is wrong and lots of suggesting that the permissions might be wrong, but no out and out statement from D. Chait what the permissions should BE. or which files need different permissions and what those should be.

    what HOOKS? I have get_footer.php and get_header.php files with some modification, but just to fit my custom layout…

    what SHOULD be in there and why isn’t there any documentation saying it?

    Gosh, wouldn’t it just be EASIER to add all this to the readme? THere’s just about nothing in there…

    or, are you suggesting that what should be there is just the sIFR required scripting?

    Actually, the readme does detail pretty much all the above. It talks about wp-content needing to be writeable (I’m not the only plugin that needs write permission to wp-content! 😉 ), and while I suggest at least 666, I’m not a linux-permissions expert. 😉 It also talks about the do_action hooks it expects in the template.

    But, I’m emailing you further offline, and we’ll get it up and running. 😉


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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