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  • Hello, does anyone know if the developpement of CG-Flashytitles continues ?
    The last stable version works with siFR 2.0, which is quite old now.
    I read somewhere here that someone tryed an alpha version of CG-Flashytitles 3 and that the plugin was much improved, but can’t find it anywhere, and the author doesn’t tell much about it.

    Don’t know if I can find it anywhere or if i’ll stop using that plugin since de first version has lots of bugs…

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  • Same problem here. I want to upgrade to 2.5 but I need some kind of sifr-plugin. The author of CG-Flashytitles seems to have stopped blogging beacause the latest update on his website is months ago.

    Same here, Im using 2.6 and looking for a simple alternative for using sifr along with my blog.



    I just edited cg-flashytitles to work with the latest stable release of sIFR (which is currently 2.0.6 – sIFR3 is in beta) I found a few errors in the php code, which were pretty easy to fix. So far, it’s working like a charm. (I know the biggest “bug” was that links wouldn’t work – but in all honesty, that’s not the plugin author’s fault. The original plugin was written for sIFR 2.0. Any sIFR being used *prior* to 2.0.4 had a bug where, if you applied it to links, the links would cease to function. upgrading to sIFR 2.0.4 would fix this bug.)

    Anyway, all I had to do was upgrade the files in the cg-flashytitles plugin with the latest release from novemberborn (just replaced the sifr.js and css files) and then I found a single error in the plugin’s PHP code, where it was looking for a much-needed file in the wrong folder. Change line 83 (which says “$sifrurl = $siteurl.'/'.'wp-content/plugins/sifr/';“) and add in the folder for the plugin. So it now looks like:

    $sifrurl = $siteurl.'/'.'wp-content/plugins/cg-flashytitles/sifr/';

    Viola. now it works.

    And keep in mind that the way sIFR works is it replaces everything INSIDE the markup you select to replace with flash. So if you want to replace your post titles (and they are links) you *must* choose h2, NOT h2 a.

    Hope that helps someone. Now off to see if I can edit it to work with sIFR 3 <g>

    Hey Doodlebee- Thanks SO MUCH for that, you made my day! 🙂

    I downloaded sifr 2.0.7 and followed doodlebee’s instructions, but it isn’t working. I also couldn’t find 2.0.6 to try, so it may be an incompatibility with the latest version.

    Any tips?

    I created a new plugin to use sIFR 3’s latest nightly. It is called WP sIFR. I kept it pretty simple for now, once activated, you can upload the fonts to the “fonts” directory, and they automatically show up on the Settings Panel. From that panel, you can choose the selector to replace, add the styles, and then activate the font.

    Check it out here:
    WP sIFR:

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